The REAL Gucci Man[e]: Union Square, San Francisco

I was walking briskly through the city when I saw this man speed across the corner of my eye as I said to myself “hmmm, looks like he’s wearing Gucci….HE’S WEARING GUCCI?!” Now boys and girls, there’s a big difference between the Gucci you know and the Gucci this man knows. The Gucci you know is shown in his bag, while the Gucci this man knows is actually everything from his shoes to the entire suit itself. Yes, he’s wearing ALL Gucci.

It’s weird seeing this, ya know? I’ve been keeping up with Frida Giannini’s work (Gucci’s Creative Director) for many years and I can honestly say that I have never seen an entire outfit on a real person, in person. I feel like a giddy school girl when I saw this but I was actually pretty excited seeing him wear this. Coincidentally, this man added me on Facebook and it turns out he’s a Gucci connoisseur! With most of his wardrobe consisting of Gucci products, he wears these luxurious clothes to work, parties, and even the supermarket.

Even though I think he would look much better in a 2 button suit as opposed to the 3, I still believe that this man has some pretty good style. I like the way he discreetly tucks in his scarf and I especially admire the level of break in his pants (which is none at all). So here’s to this man, a wonderful walking advertisement for Frida Giannini’s incredibly work. Molto Bello!!


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