Hips Don’t Lie: Union Square, San Francisco

Throughout my time spent taking pictures in San Francisco, I’ve come to realize that the women in this city walk extremely fast. I’ve been told many times before that I walk fast but these ladies? Jesus Christ! It’s like they’re getting ready for the Amazing Race! They just zip right past you like a beam of light! They look like super fast robots that walk in a straight line without bumping into anyone, crashing right through a glass door –  It’s insane!

With the dress picture above, I was at a crossroad (literally and figuratively): do I run ahead and try to get her picture or do I just take the shot from here? But then I started to look at all of the details and the mind blowing shape of this woman’s dress. I mean will you LOOK at those hips?! For all I know she could look like the hunchback of notre dame with her left eyeball 2 inches lower than her right, but from here, she’s a goddess!

The sleeves are short and sexy, the shoulders have this texture as if it were fish fins, her hair is strong and powerful, and those shoes! Not only are they mini-skyscrapers, they also match her dress in this “I’m revealing myself but only a little” kind of way. But really notice how shapely this woman is and how form fitting that dress looks on her. This just goes to show you that a dress can look amazing even from the back!… eh…that didn’t come out right….


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