Asians Are Scary! :Union Square, San Francisco

Believe it or not, Asian tourists are the scariest people for me to photograph. It’s not that they themselves scare me, but rather it’s the idea of trying to talk to them. It’s hard as it is to convince random strangers to allow me to photograph them but to do so with someone who isn’t 100% fluent in English? Fugetaboutit! It’s usually ends up like this

Me: Excuse me, would you mind if I take a picture of your outfit?
Asian Person: ha?
Me: Me, take a picture of you? Yes?
Asian Person: NOOOO! NO NO NO!

If you can weather the communication storm, you can get some pretty damn good shots. Asian tourists have some of the most unique and different styles. From quirky prints to creative colors, they definitely know what they’re doing. Just look at this girl: look at the color of her bag in relation to her hair, and that Joan Holloway-esque top. She looks like a piece of caramel wrapped in blue plastic! Yummm :)


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