Mr. [Fresh and so] Clean: Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Don’t you just love the first week of school? New people, new girls, new classes, new girls… One thing that I’ve taken note of is that in college, a lot of people dress very….collegey. Raggedy shirts, torn jeans, Wallgreens brand flip flops. WHAT’S GOING ON?! Why are people dressing so…so…SHITTY!? and then comes this guy…

BEHOLD! THIS is how stylish you should be during the first week of school. If Peter Campbell (from Mad Men) lived in 2010, I think he’d dress like this man. What I also thought was pretty cool was the super cropped sweater a la Prada Fall 2010. It’s always nice seeing ideas from the runway projected onto the street. But hey! Who knows? Maybe Prada was influenced by this guy.

Oh, and does this place look familiar? These steps are actually in front of the Academy of Art University, SF aka, the same place that I took this shot during my 1960’s photoshoot. Cool beans!


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3 responses to “Mr. [Fresh and so] Clean: Academy of Art University, San Francisco

  1. Lisa Love

    yes, your right college students should dress more proper and with style.. I personally the fello here in your photo.. and by all means… He is ALWAYS well dressed ;)

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  3. Tiffany

    I find this kind of funny since when I first started college EVERY upperclassmen was well dressed.

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