Roger Sterling’s Son: Union Square, San Francisco

One of my favorite things to do when I post pictures on this website is to figure out “who does this person look like?” Do they resemble a cartoon character, a celebrity, or a creature made of complete and utter beauty? For this guy it was quite easy: Mad Men.

I mean seriously, do you really need to look longer than 2 seconds to know that this guy just came back from a Mad Men casting? PUHLEAASE! But now the question remains: which Mad Men character is he? He’s too slim to be Don Draper, and his clothes are too fitted to be a Peter Campbell…Hmmm…AHA! He looks like a young/modern version of Roger Sterling! (If Roger was very…very…very young.)

This past year I’ve grown to love–NAY! OBSESS! about the color blue. Blue is fresh, it’s Fall, it’s Winter, it’s Spring, and it’s neutral. Blue is the new black. From the blue pants, the tinted blue jacket, and his light blue checkered pocket square, you really forget that it’s all blue and instead, you just feel a sense of neutral wonderness. I love this outfit very much and if Peter Campbell had a child with a very young Roger Sterling (surrogate mother perhaps?) then that baby would be very proud of this man’s outfit.



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2 responses to “Roger Sterling’s Son: Union Square, San Francisco

  1. Phyllis Caldwell

    Very stylish outfit and young man too. I happen to know this young man personally and he is a major fan of Mad Men!! So, you were spot on in pegging his style as copying that from the captivating and popular stylish tv series.

    • The Falco

      aha! I knew it! :D

      Well if you ever talk to him, please let him know that his picture is up! I’d love to hear what he has to say! :D

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