Are You Lost Cowgirl?: The Castro, San Francisco

The difference between bad photography and good photography is perspective. And what’s the difference between good photography and amazing photography? The story.

Here ate the, my office is currently located on the streets of Union Square, San Francisco. I’ve walked around those streets so often that I’ve even begun to see the same employees taking their cigarette breaks. In order to change things up, I drove over to the Castro in search of some real style. The Castro district is famous for being the epicenter of the gay community. So why not search there? Gay people dress well so…so why not?! I mean hell! EVERYONE is probably swimming in rich fabrics from Prada, Burberry, and Chanel! This is going to be AWESOME! YAY!!!!

yay? When I got there I was expecting finely tuned suits but instead, I got assless chaps and leather boots. But hey! I’m bound to find at least ONE immaculately dressed man, right? Nada. I was walking around for about an hour and just as the sun went down, I started to lose hope. Then…at the corner of my eye…I saw this woman. It was dark and she was poking her head into an outdoor menu of a Chinese restaurant (the kind that probably sells items such as “Kung Fu Chicken Crispers”).

This was such an odd sight. Here I am in San Francisco, taking a picture of a urban cowgirl who is looking at fake Chinese food. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Needless to say, there was something about this outfit I liked. There’s an innocence to her look and the outfit is actually tailored quite well. However, the question still remains: What’s her story? I’ll never know the answer to that question but I guess this is one of those moments in life where it’s best to just shut up and enjoy the view. See you Space Cowgirl.

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One response to “Are You Lost Cowgirl?: The Castro, San Francisco

  1. vanessa c.

    She looks pained, more physically than emotionally

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