Alejandra: 18 year old Child Development Major

When I took this picture it made me feel all HOT inside – literally. I mean what the hell?! It was late September! What happened to cool breezes and swaying trees? I was burnin up like an ice cube in the Gobi Desert! And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I thought I saw a mirage. Is that…is that a beautiful girl who is actually dressed well?! PLEASE! LET IT BE REAL! LET IT BE REAAAAL!!

And boy, was she real. In a weird way, Alejandra’s outfit kinda reminds me of modern yet scaled down interpretation of a Flamenco dress. The color is this rich pomegranate with a light ruffle at the top, it’s short, but it doesn’t feel too short, and the boots can also be seen as an interpretation of wooden moccasins. Cherry on top? She’s a cutie!

I love these boots! I actually bought these IN Mexico!

Now that’s legit!


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