America’s Sweetheart: De Anza College, Cupertino

Now who is this cute girl you may ask? This is Janet, aka the first person to ever appear on Being that it’s my 5 month anniversary blogging on this site, I figured I should take a step back and thank some of the people that helped me launch this thing.

When it comes to dressing well, Janet is like a nicely piped cone of vanilla ice cream: you can always count on her to be just as good as the last time. She’s clean, but not too dramatic; sophisticated, but not overdone; sexy, but not raunchy. What I find really cool about this outfit is the gritty faded-in quality of her shorts and top. It feels vintage but very Autumn. The proportions of the jacket helps highlight her amazing legs and it gives it this tiny hint of “I’m wearing my boyfriends jacket” kind of feel.

Janet is the all around girl: she can pull off any style, in any color. And since she’s going to San Francisco State University with me, you can count on me to feature her every now and then. So here’s to 5 months and beyond. Isn’t this fun? :)



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2 responses to “America’s Sweetheart: De Anza College, Cupertino

  1. ryan

    haha, wow, she is gorgeous and i love her outfit. why have i not seen her around campus?!

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