Are You Beautiful Today?… De Anza College, Cupertino

If I wanted to, I could totally rip on this outfit. Not that it’s a bad outfit, but it definitely could use some editing here and there. But you know what?…I’m not gonna do it.

When I photograph people, I see all sorts of outfits and vibes. Some people emit confidence, while others seem a bit cocky. There are those who are edgy and stylish, and some who are classic and simple. However, my favorite type of outfit to photograph is the one that makes a woman feel beautiful. I can’t really pin-point what I see, or what needs to happen in order for this “beauty” to come out, but I know I can feel it. It’s this radiating glow that a woman gives off where she just looks happy. She looks happy, she feels bright, and you can just tell by the way she walks that she woke up that day feeling great about herself.

If you can make yourself feel that way, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Chanel, Gucci, or Goodwill; as long as you can feel it, that’s all that matters. Granted that she would look a lot better in a full version of that skirt (in dress form), I still like this picture. She looks happy, yet shy, but also like she’s trying to refrain from letting out a giant smile – it’s kinda cute :)


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3 responses to “Are You Beautiful Today?… De Anza College, Cupertino

  1. Ana

    I kinda digg this outfit. Like you said the skirt could be a little longer and maybe it shouldn’t be a skirt that sits at her waist. But it shows of her legs and compliments the shoes. You have to admit.. she has great legs! =P

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