The Girl You Wish You Knew: De Anza College, Cupertino

In case you haven’t heard, UFC ring girl Arriany Celeste was recently featured in Playboy magazine. Now of course, I’m not gonna post nude pictures on this site nor will I get the beautiful Arriany Celeste to pose for (sigh) – but here’s the next best thing!

She’s gorgeous, she’s stylish, and she’s… Asian? Close enough! Alyssa is one of those girls that is so pretty that you’re just happy she knows your name. And like Arianny, Alyssa also does a bit of modeling herself. “Ok yea, so what? She’s cute! What about her outfit?”

I was listening to 2NE1 before I got to class and then I spotted Alyssa. As I was photographing her outfit I couldn’t help but notice how “K-Pop” this outfit felt. I mean it’s not screaming Asian but it does have that feel. It’s fitted where it needs to be (skirt), and flowy where it should (the top). And how about that million dollar smile? I think we should give Alyssa a round of applause ;)

Alyssa: I love this watch. It reminds me of my childhood

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