A British Girl in American Clothes: Pier 39, San Francisco

Me: Excuse me
Her: Yes?
Me: Hi, my name is Ranier and I’m a fashion and style photographer. I was wondering if I could take a picture of your outfit.

(her friend looks at her with eyes wide open)
Friend: holy SHIT!
Her: Well…I don’t know
Me: It’ll be very quick :)
Friend: Go on!
Her: Well… oh right!

She kinda looks like a British girl dressing up as an American – but with better shoes. The problem with shooting in high impacted/touristy areas in San Francisco is that, well…. you’re in spots where there are billions of tourists (which is not what San Francisco is about.) Now, even though I’d much rather saunter through a  neighborhood like Hayes Valley, these tourist spots are prime targets for my fashion photography. However, it’s always hard to find a good subject to shoot because most tourists walk around with GAP fleece wrapped around their waists *puke*

So it was definitely a pleasure to see such a fine lady like her walking around in such a San Francisco-esque outfit. Based on her outfit, I totally thought she was an American. Oh well, surprise surprise!

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