If the Rain Must Fall: San Francisco in the Rain

Due to the crappy Indian summer we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks, I’ve been waiting all season for the rain to fall. And not just those late night showers that creep into the wee hours of 4 a.m – I’m talkin’ about real rain! That get up, put on some boots and a sweater cuz baby, it’s RAINING!

The interesting thing about this outfit is how well the orange shopping bag goes with her outfit. It actually adds that needed "pop" of color.

I think there’s a sense of romance in the air during rainy weather. No one is parading around the street like a jackass, taking full advantage of the sun. Instead, rain makes everyone… peaceful. The strangers of the street keep to themselves as they rush to the next available awning as if they were back in grade school playing “lava monster”. So how do the ladies and gentlemen of San Francisco hit the wet and slippery streets? With style.

A straw hat (meant for sunny weather) used in rainy weather?! Now THAT is a rebel!

Colorful Willy Wonka bag? No. Makeshift black hijab? YES!

Meet Derek: A San Francisco Based Indie Fashion blogger. Be sure to check out his very stylish site at: liveheartfelt.com

Despite your instincts of trying to stay indoors all season, be sure to hit the streets. I mean really walk around, and just enjoy this wonderful weather. Not only is this weather perfect for photography, it’s also perfect for meeting people. Everyone hides out in coffee shops and bookstores so it’s such an easy task to walk up to an attractive lady and say “crazy weather, eh?” But if you’re not a horn dog like me, trying to use the weather as an excuse to hit on girls, then just enjoy the view. You’re bound to meet some very interesting, and very beautiful people. Enjoy the weather, San Francisco.

Meet Alison Messinger: Fashion Stylist/blogger of http://www.eclecticalamode.com


HOY! Keep your eyes open for my blogpost on Indie Bazaar, coming this Wednesday! See you there :]


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2 responses to “If the Rain Must Fall: San Francisco in the Rain

  1. Beautiful images of our San Francisco rain! It does feel oddly cozy when it’s so dreary here… and you’re right, after that Indian summer, you’ve gotta love the little raindrops!
    Wonderful post :o)

    • The Falco

      ah! Nice to hear from you Alison :o)

      ps. where is your umbrella from? I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get a closer shot of the printed border.

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