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The Real Housewife Of San Francisco: Union Square, San Francisco

Why do I like this picture so much? Granted that her golden heel is pretty
cool, the rest of the outfit is just… nice. It’s not even a “DAMN! That’s hella
but rather a “oh, that’s nice.” Is it because she’s really pretty? The
flowers? Or the fact that she looks like she jumped right off an ad for
Banana Republic? Meh… I don’t know… I’ll get back to you that.

Anyone with a decent amount of logic would come to the conclusion that
either those flowers are to be delivered, or she received them from
someone. However, wouldn’t it be interesting (and kinda cool) if that
entire vase of flowers were part of her outfit? So instead of putting a little
cutesy flower in her hair, she just chopped off a bunch of flowers and stuck
it in water, lugging it around the city for everyone to see. I like to think
that’s what she’s doing.

Back to my previous question, I think I know why I like this so much. For
some strange reason, this seems like the perfect “wife” outfit. The kind of
outfit that a well-to-do woman who is married to her well-to-do man would
wear. A woman with class, a woman with dignity, and a woman with a
keen yet delicate sense of taste and style. She’s not the type to strut down
the catwalk because she’s not that kind of woman. Nevertheless, this “nice”
outfit might not fit in a page of Vogue, but it would sure look nice in a home.


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What The Hell?! Is That Kid Cudi?!?!…Union Square, San Francisco

OH MY GOD IT’S KID CUDIIIII! *screams like a little girl* LET ME GET YOUR AUTO….wait…
WAIT a second!
You’re not Kid Cudi! YOU’RE A PHONY! Hmmm…come to think about it, you
actually dress better than Kid Cudi. Well then shit! Long live Kid Cudi’s twin brother….Kid

So I was debating whether or not I wanted to post this picture, or a picture of a really beautiful
blond woman. However, considering the fact that it is Black Friday, I figured I should not only
post a picture of a rakish Black man, but I should also post it at 1:04 a.m instead of my usual
time of 12 p.m.

I gotta admit: when it comes to style, this guy has even bigger balls than
me. And NO, it’s not just because he’s black! Jeez! Get your mind out of the
gutter! Anywho, how can you not crown this man King of Style with those
pants and that jacket? The cut is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in person!
This is the work of a really good designer, or a really crazy person. Either
way, he manages to pull it off with such confidence. It’s almost as if he’s
unaware of it.

I‘ve never been a fan of matching your shoes with your shirt and yada
yada, but this look is just amazing. The bow tie, the shoes, the hat, the
glasses. God DAMN this guy is good! I’m pretty sure that he dresses just
as good if not, better, all day everyday – or should I say…Day N’ Nite?


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*Exclusive* Effie’s Heart: Fall 2010 Collection

As I paced around in awkward circles, I started to repeat to myself “I’m screwed. I’m screwed. I’m
screwed..” I mean seriously! How could I possibly take a decent photo with such bad scenery? How
can I photograph the outfits of this collection when there are over 4 dozen people walking around?
Then a lightbulb went off…..Why not take the models outside and photograph them on the balcony?

I AM A GENIUS! After the fashion show, all of the models fled to the balcony to take a group shot. A
crap load of family members/photographers came swarming in like a pack of zombies on a fresh corpse.
But while everyone was shooting fast enough to break their trigger finger, I just stood there; quiet as
ever and not taking a single shot. As the fog of premature paparazzi cleared the floor, I made my move
and grabbed the models. And the look on the photographers faces? PRICELESS!

“Aww crap! Why didn’t I think of that?”

One of the things that I like to do when I look at a collection is to determine what song would go well
with these outfits. So, ladies and gentleman, what song goes well with the Effie’s Heart Fall 2010
collection? Initially, I had my eyes set on Etta James’ “Story Weather”, but as I looked at the
photographs more and more, I started to see a very different story…A story that was much more

Although Etta James’ “Story Weather” is a beautiful song, it really doesn’t resonate with my image of
the typical Effie’s Heart woman. To me, Effie’s Heart is about being youthful. It’s about living a
carefree, simple, and full life. A life of good food, warm friends, and great lovers.

The Effie’s Heart woman is free spirited, independent, and loving. She can play the violin, sing you a
few Jazz songs, and she’s also one hell of a dance partner. She’s a smooth talker who not only can walk
the walk, but she can do it in heels.

She’s not cute. She’s not sexy. Hell, she’s not even hot. To me, the typical woman of Effie’s heart is
eternal. Her beauty is the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood – which is
to say that her beauty will be remembered for years to come. The kind of beauty that you
photograph and store in your wallet so at a moments notice you could take it out and shout to the
world “I am in love with this gorgeous woman!”

I think Kimo (the owner and designer of Effie’s Heart) said it best: “These clothes will never go out of
style, and that’s because they’re already old fashioned! They’re timeless. The same dress can be worn
by a daughter, a mother, and even a grandmother.” For the past few days I’ve been looking at these
pictures for hours on end and I can say with complete conviction that this is a very romantic
collection. It’s sweet, loving, caring, young, old, timeless, trendy, and completely and utterly beautiful.

Putting all of that into perspective, I think I’ve finally found the perfect song for this perfect
collection: Julie London’s “Fly Me To The Moon”. Why that song? Well, if you listen to it and look at
these pictures at the same time, you’ll see and feel why. Happy Holidays everyone.


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Scenes From: San Francisco Thread Show 2010

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of black girls wrap it up. Some of them in fancy hijabs while others sport
lush fabrics draped around their pretty faces. Chocolate wrapped in silk? HELL YEA!

One of the vendors was wearing some pretty snazzy shoes.

Okay, so this was probably one of my absolute favorites of the night. The outside of this bag (which
I totally was gonna buy if I had the money) is made of cork. The design seems pretty unisex to me
so if I were to buy it, I’d probably encounter problems with my mom and sister trying to “borrow”
it. But the truly cool part is the inside. The lining is made out of men’s shirt fabric! NEATO! Now
I can be manly AND metro at the same time!

The fashion show was actually pretty good. Granted there were a few outfits that I wasn’t too excited
about, everything in general was quite impressive (considering the fact that it’s all local). Oh, and I
guess it doesn’t hurt that the female models were f*cking hot.



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How Do You Hide A Hicky? Wear A Cool Scarf!

You can throw it on, tie it up, wrap it around, and even tuck it inside your shirt – a simple scarf can
be worn a hundred different ways. But depending on how you wear it, and in what color, a scarf can
do more than just warm your neck. Aside from hiding embarrassingly huge “love” marks, it also
serves as an extension of your personality.

What do you see in the picture above? Is it just a girl wearing a magenta scarf? Or is there a story to
be told. A message, or a statement that’s subtle and totally subconscious. Not only does this color
breathe contrast to her pale blue eyes and blond locks, it’s also thrown around her neck with ease. It
isn’t tied, but rather, placed there. Maybe she’s a free thinking, vegetarian, Buddhist practicing,
yoga fanatic? Who knows.

Okay, what about this guy? Generally speaking, I call these the “I’m a douchebag” sunglasses. They go
very well with Affliction t-shirts, Jagermeister, and fist pumps. HOWEVER! Prior to their debut on
Jersey Shore, shield lenses were actually worn by fashionistas like Jeffrey Sebelia, Jay McCarroll, and
this man. It’s done right, and it actually fits his style. As for the scarf: it’s a long scarf, wrapped tight,
and in a plain color. His message? “I’m classy, edgy, sophisticated, and I have uber nice hair!”

This is probably my favorite scarf of the trio. If you took the fashion of a 5 year old girl, aged her by
20 years, and made her a little more classy, you’d come close to this look. This outfit is very young
– not teenage young, but elementary young. The playful mismatching buttons, the soft ribbed sweater,
and that amazing scarf. I didn’t get a look at her from behind (or did I?) but I’m really curious as to how
she tied this, and how long that scarf actually is. The texture is AWESOME and it reminds me of
salt and pepper squid
. Cute lady, cute scarf. Hmmm… now I’m feeling very hungry…


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The Asian Schoolgirl: De Anza College, Cupertino

Asian school girl outfit? Check
Asian-esque hairstyle? Check
Spiked ball and chain + lots and lots of blood? ..maybe..

After watching Kill Bill and the various bloody-as-hell Asian movies, I can
never look at Asian school girl outfits the same. I JUST CAN’T! They look
so cute but underneath, who knows what’s brewing?! Haven’t you seen
the movie Audition? I mean HEL-LO?! I have never been more turned on
and scared at the same time! Now of course, I’m only kidding, and I’m sure
this girl is far from a serial killer, but still! I like to imagine her as one :)

When this girl is not busy chopping off heads, assassinating Ninjas, and
infiltrating the underground Yakuza headquarters in search of the golden
dragon medallion which will avenge her great great great father’s death,
she’s actually walking around De Anza, wearing similar outfits. I love the
fact that this girl has a story, and a theme that is played consistently
from day to day. I always wanted to photograph her but I was waiting for
that “perfect” outfit. So here it is.

But you know what my favorite part about this girl was? After handing her
my business card, she thanked me, clasped her hands together, and bowed.
I mean it’s not like I have a superiority complex and the bow was a big stroke
to my ego, but rather, it was very polite, and really cool. I think we should
start bowing to each other. YEA! And afterwards, we can all go out for green
tea and eat sashimi!… I wish.

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Leather Hats sans Leather Chaps: De Anza College, Cupertino

You sit down, you stand up. You walk forward, but you always look back.
Though your neck begins to hurt, and your legs start to soften, you
endure thephysical pain, the dehydration, and the hunger, all for the
sake of that one perfect shot.

I think fashion photography deserves it’s own Olympic sport. It’s tough,
man!You can never sit in one place for too long, nor can you even look at
one spotfor more than 2 minutes. There’s always the possibility that a
stylish babe canwalk right into your blind spot, causing you to lose that
perfect shot. But whenyou do get a good shot, or find a beautiful outfit,
trust me… your physical pain/hunger is the last thing on your mind.

I love how this simple outfit feels like the quintessential Autumn
ensemble.The squash yellow scarf, the chunky houndstooth coat, and
that awesomeleather hat. Unless you’re that one dude from the village
or John Galliano, it’s pretty much impossible to wear a leather hat.
I mean sheez! I can’t even think of a way to use one of those!

For the first time this whole season, I’ve actually found an outfit that
made me feel like it was Fall. I now have the sudden urge to crawl into
the fetal position, palm a cup of hot chocolate, and listen to Jazz.
Hmmm…come to think about it… a leather hat sounds mighty cozy
right now..

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The Window Lady: SOMA, San Francisco

After the Indie Bazaar was finished, I decided to stand outside in the rain,
and wait for someone to catch my eye. It was mildly raining and water
began to puddle at the corners of the sidewalks, sloshing at everyone’s
feet. The lady above was a vendor at the Indie Bazaar and was busy
talking to her friend outside the doors of the Metreon. I didn’t want to
intrude in their conversation so I waited for 5 minutes…10 minutes… 20.

Eventually, she said her goodbyes and I zeroed in as quickly as I could.

Her: Sure! I remember you! I was wondering why you didn’t take
pictures of my booth :/

There’s something very sweet about this picture. The feeling and the
colors truly embody what it was like to be in San Francisco in the rain. To
have everyone huddled within themselves, grasping for any bit of
warmth. And then there’s this lady: she looks so…free… At first, I thought
she was trying to do some pose with her right hand, but I eventually
concluded that maybe she was hailing a cab. Trying to get a cab while
having your photo taken? Multitasking at it’s best!

In case you haven’t picked up on it already, I’m feeling very bittersweet.
This post right here is the last picture I will ever post from my old
camera. I know I’ve bitched and moaned about it being slow and slightly
unreliable, but as I look back… I’ll miss it. It’s taken me this far and I’ve
had some incredibly memorable shots with it. From the Canon Rebel, to
the Canon 7D. All I can hope for is for me to be a better photographer, and
to capture moments like these. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter if I
shoot with a camera worth $200 or $2,000, all I want is to take pictures
that you’d remember – that way, history can remember me.

Enough of this tear jerker shit! It’s time to kick some ass and add a little
to the fashion blogging community >:)

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L33T N00B K1LL3R FTW: The Metreon, San Francisco

I am a big time, major league, four star, World Series, pound-for-pound,
indestructible NERD. You know how I know? When I saw this outfit, the
FIRST thing I thought of was:

“WOW! Is that vest in Blue Tiger camo?” (a reference to Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2)

Okay, so I thought I was pretty damn good at utilizing the various shades
of blue, but this guy is like… pro! This guy is so good at using blue that he
makes Youtube montage’s of himself wearing blue. He’s either a big fan of
Picasso’s blue period or a really stylish crip. ANYWHO! Before I get this
guy shot, let’s dissect this “fit”, shall we?

It’s kinda quirky, it’s kinda weird, but the colors are really spot on. You
see, this man is smart enough to know that when using the same color
over and over again (in one outfit) you need a variety of shades. Light
blue shirt, blue tiger camo vest, and a rich blue overcoat. Oh yea! I
almost forgot about his umbrella!

So let this be a lesson to all of you: unless you’re a stand-in for the blue
man group, a stunt double for Dr. Manhattan’s penis, or at a casting call
for Avatar 2, be aware that blue is serious business. Or you can just be this
guy and wear pretty much anything you want. BLUE TIGER CAMO FTW!

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Why Am I Wasting My Time On This Blog?!

How do you know when something is your passion?

Three months ago, I was on a trip to San Francisco to take a few shots for
this blog. The day was progressing rather smoothly in terms of sight
seeing, but when it came to photographing fashionistas, I was deprived.
Where was everyone? The wind was mild, the sun barely visible, and the
city was blanketed under a nice gray cloud – the conditions for
photography were excellent.

As the sun crept lower and lower, I began worrying about my shots. Time
was running out and I only had two shots within my 5 hours in the city.
Hurry up Ranier, HURRY! MOVE YOUR ASS! GO, GO, GO! I needed at least
more good shot. One more money shot. Then I saw the most beautiful
lady, in the most perfect outfit, for this perfect weather.

My heart stopped – as it always does when I see a subject I want to
photograph – I followed this lady and stopped her and her friend, asking if
I could take a shot. I could tell they were in a hurry so I tried my best to
snap something. But as I was snapping, I knew my impatience would
backfire – which it did.

I was off. My camera shook, I was shooting in the opposite direction of
where I was supposed to be, and my camera settings should have been
tweaked. As I stood there in the middle of Union Square previewing the
shots I just took, my throat began to dry, a bead of sweat rolled down my
face and I was pissed. This was the perfect shot, the shot of the night…
and I screwed it up.

I was so mad and upset with myself that I turned off the camera, and
walked right back to my car. I couldn’t take it. The shear disappointment
left me feeling like I was a failure, a loser, a total noob at my craft. After I
got into my car, I immediately drove home in shame. As dusk turned into
night, I started to think about what happened that evening.

Why was I really upset? It’s just a picture, right? At that moment it
dawned on me: I really do care about this fashion blog. I may not be
updating as much as I could, nor am I going to San Francisco every week
– but I do care. This blog, this fashion blog that I’ve actually spent money
on (business cards, website domains, new camera, trips to San Francisco,
etc) yields absolutely 0% revenue. I make zero dollars off this site. NADA!
And unlike the various bloggers out there who produce half assed entries
for the purpose of making a quick buck, I don’t make shit.

I sculpt this blog as my way of creative expression. I used to paint, I used
to draw, and I used to do graphic design – now I photograph fashion. I
guess you can say it’s a hobby, but given the events described above, and
my drive and determination to be the best, I’d say it’s more than a hobby.
To you this might be a waste of time, but for me… this is my passion.


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