OMG it’s Paul Bunyan: The Metreon, San Francisco

If there is anyone in the world that deserves a spot on my blog, it is this
guy. 4 months ago when I was still a fetus among the fashion blogging
community, I came across this man on a trip to San Francisco. I snapped
a shot of his outfit outside the Japantown mall but never posted the
picture – it was too blurry and the sunlight over exposed the shot. Then,
in the middle of my trip to Indie Bazaar, I saw him again.

Him: Hey!
Me: Hey! (I was about 90% sure who he was)
Him: Do you remember me? You photographed me awhile back for your
Me: Oh yea! Japantown mall, right?
Him: Haha yea! You never posted my picture though..
Me: Ah sorry about that, the picture was pretty blurry and overexposed.
Him: Oh it’s cool. I love your blog! Great pictures and I love checking out
all the cute girls!
Me: Hahaha!!! (believe me, I love checking them out too :)

Two men bonding through their mutual love for cute girls in cute outfits?
Is this a bromance in the making?! Bromance or not, this man is a
legitimately cool guy. His outfit is a crossbreed between a lumberjack and
a New Yorker. I love how weird and out of place the print feels on that
jacket. Though the fit of things could be better, I think it makes him feel
relaxed – and it looks that way too. This is one of those outfits that you pull
together not because you’re trying to impress Karl Lagerfeld, but because
it’s so damn comfy.

Be it a lumberjack or Grizzy Adam’s stylish brother, the true focal point is
in the details: the glasses are gradient framed which give it a club master
look, and the headphones also look pretty retro. Whenever you see stylish
headphones it’s usually in the form of Beats; this is a very refreshing
alternative. So ladies, if you’re looking for a good time, find this man because
not only is he a stylish guy, he is also a reader of! WHAT ELSE


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