Daddy’s [Stylish] Little Girl: De Anza College, Cupertino

With all of the drama that I see on T.V and within my circle of friends,
I’ve been lead to believe that all daughters have bad relationships with
their fathers. I mean hell! There must be a TON of girls with daddy issues
considering the amount of girls willing to take their tops off on Girls Gone
Wild (Or as Arrested Development calls it: Girls with Low Self Esteem).
Now, I’m not sure if the girl above has daddy issues but there must be a
strong relationship between them two, since the shirt she’s wearing
belongs to him.

“My favorite part of my outfit would be my shirt; It’s my Dad’s old
shirt. After I started wearing it more than him, he just gave it to
me. It goes with anything! Jeans, leggings or skirts. Since it’s a
Men’s small it’s quite large on me so it’s easy to wear with a belt
and still have a classy look.”

This outfit kinda bothers me. I mean not in a bad way, or in a sexually
bothered way, but in that snobby, artistic, play with my mustache kind
of way. First, you have the flowered print that is generally seen on the
couches of 70 year old women, and then you have that daddy shirt. My
analysis says “old” but my eyes say “young”. This whole outfit is also
vaguely 70’s – or so it seems. And THEN she mixes it up even MORE by
adding accessories of various styles..

Despite the wide variety of styles she’s dealing with, I still believe the
story she’s trying to tell. This girl may or may not have daddy issues but
one thing is for sure: she has a lot of confidence.


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