Made [For] Manhattan: Indie Bazaar, San Francisco

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself “Damn, this person
is gonna be somebody!” And from the core of your soul/heart/gut you
could just tell that they’d be famous, or important in some way, shape or
form? Jessica Schoefer is one of those people.

Truth be told, I’ve only met Jessica twice and within those combined 25
minutes of conversation, I got a glimpse of who she was, and where she
wanted to be. As the PR for San Francisco State University’s Fashion
Network Association
, Jessica is in charge of walking around and looking
cute in cute outfits. ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE! She goes from event to
event, covering and networking with all of the important people in the
San Francisco fashion industry. Her goal? To work in New York.

If it’s New York that she’s after, then she definitely has the look with this
outfit. I’m a general fan of stockings (including the ones on the fireplace)
but I get a bit giddy when I see cool designs like this one. It’s like a giant
herringbone stocking, which kinda looks like leaves. Interesting enough,
I thought her outfit was completely leather when I first saw it. I was like
“HEEEYYYYY GURRRLLLL let me get cho num–” haha I kid :) But she
does look great!

I mean shit! Just look at her posing, the placement of her hands, and the
fanning of her fingers – it looks pretty damn sexy. However, I think it was
a very smart move on her part to add that one, caramel colored belt,
thrown in with the other dark brown one – it adds a needed twist of color.

So in 15 years (or hopefully less), when you’re powdering your new born
baby’s butt, Jessica will probably be working in the New York fashion
scene where people will be begging to powder hers.


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