L33T N00B K1LL3R FTW: The Metreon, San Francisco

I am a big time, major league, four star, World Series, pound-for-pound,
indestructible NERD. You know how I know? When I saw this outfit, the
FIRST thing I thought of was:

“WOW! Is that vest in Blue Tiger camo?” (a reference to Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2)

Okay, so I thought I was pretty damn good at utilizing the various shades
of blue, but this guy is like… pro! This guy is so good at using blue that he
makes Youtube montage’s of himself wearing blue. He’s either a big fan of
Picasso’s blue period or a really stylish crip. ANYWHO! Before I get this
guy shot, let’s dissect this “fit”, shall we?

It’s kinda quirky, it’s kinda weird, but the colors are really spot on. You
see, this man is smart enough to know that when using the same color
over and over again (in one outfit) you need a variety of shades. Light
blue shirt, blue tiger camo vest, and a rich blue overcoat. Oh yea! I
almost forgot about his umbrella!

So let this be a lesson to all of you: unless you’re a stand-in for the blue
man group, a stunt double for Dr. Manhattan’s penis, or at a casting call
for Avatar 2, be aware that blue is serious business. Or you can just be this
guy and wear pretty much anything you want. BLUE TIGER CAMO FTW!


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