How Do You Hide A Hicky? Wear A Cool Scarf!

You can throw it on, tie it up, wrap it around, and even tuck it inside your shirt – a simple scarf can
be worn a hundred different ways. But depending on how you wear it, and in what color, a scarf can
do more than just warm your neck. Aside from hiding embarrassingly huge “love” marks, it also
serves as an extension of your personality.

What do you see in the picture above? Is it just a girl wearing a magenta scarf? Or is there a story to
be told. A message, or a statement that’s subtle and totally subconscious. Not only does this color
breathe contrast to her pale blue eyes and blond locks, it’s also thrown around her neck with ease. It
isn’t tied, but rather, placed there. Maybe she’s a free thinking, vegetarian, Buddhist practicing,
yoga fanatic? Who knows.

Okay, what about this guy? Generally speaking, I call these the “I’m a douchebag” sunglasses. They go
very well with Affliction t-shirts, Jagermeister, and fist pumps. HOWEVER! Prior to their debut on
Jersey Shore, shield lenses were actually worn by fashionistas like Jeffrey Sebelia, Jay McCarroll, and
this man. It’s done right, and it actually fits his style. As for the scarf: it’s a long scarf, wrapped tight,
and in a plain color. His message? “I’m classy, edgy, sophisticated, and I have uber nice hair!”

This is probably my favorite scarf of the trio. If you took the fashion of a 5 year old girl, aged her by
20 years, and made her a little more classy, you’d come close to this look. This outfit is very young
– not teenage young, but elementary young. The playful mismatching buttons, the soft ribbed sweater,
and that amazing scarf. I didn’t get a look at her from behind (or did I?) but I’m really curious as to how
she tied this, and how long that scarf actually is. The texture is AWESOME and it reminds me of
salt and pepper squid
. Cute lady, cute scarf. Hmmm… now I’m feeling very hungry…



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2 responses to “How Do You Hide A Hicky? Wear A Cool Scarf!

  1. a scarf is also great to use when hiding facial piercings from your folks – muahahaha


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