Scenes From: San Francisco Thread Show 2010

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of black girls wrap it up. Some of them in fancy hijabs while others sport
lush fabrics draped around their pretty faces. Chocolate wrapped in silk? HELL YEA!

One of the vendors was wearing some pretty snazzy shoes.

Okay, so this was probably one of my absolute favorites of the night. The outside of this bag (which
I totally was gonna buy if I had the money) is made of cork. The design seems pretty unisex to me
so if I were to buy it, I’d probably encounter problems with my mom and sister trying to “borrow”
it. But the truly cool part is the inside. The lining is made out of men’s shirt fabric! NEATO! Now
I can be manly AND metro at the same time!

The fashion show was actually pretty good. Granted there were a few outfits that I wasn’t too excited
about, everything in general was quite impressive (considering the fact that it’s all local). Oh, and I
guess it doesn’t hurt that the female models were f*cking hot.




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3 responses to “Scenes From: San Francisco Thread Show 2010

  1. i hate myself for not going. my thought process was, stay home and pray that my cough disappears, but did that happen? no -__- and i missed out.


    • The Falco

      There’s always next time? haha. San Francisco is filled with a ton of shows so no worries ^_^ But hopefully you’re feeling better!

  2. my friend has that doctor cork bag. I got the laptop bag. Seriously, one of my favorite purchases ever.

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