*Exclusive* Effie’s Heart: Fall 2010 Collection

As I paced around in awkward circles, I started to repeat to myself “I’m screwed. I’m screwed. I’m
screwed..” I mean seriously! How could I possibly take a decent photo with such bad scenery? How
can I photograph the outfits of this collection when there are over 4 dozen people walking around?
Then a lightbulb went off…..Why not take the models outside and photograph them on the balcony?

I AM A GENIUS! After the fashion show, all of the models fled to the balcony to take a group shot. A
crap load of family members/photographers came swarming in like a pack of zombies on a fresh corpse.
But while everyone was shooting fast enough to break their trigger finger, I just stood there; quiet as
ever and not taking a single shot. As the fog of premature paparazzi cleared the floor, I made my move
and grabbed the models. And the look on the photographers faces? PRICELESS!

“Aww crap! Why didn’t I think of that?”

One of the things that I like to do when I look at a collection is to determine what song would go well
with these outfits. So, ladies and gentleman, what song goes well with the Effie’s Heart Fall 2010
collection? Initially, I had my eyes set on Etta James’ “Story Weather”, but as I looked at the
photographs more and more, I started to see a very different story…A story that was much more

Although Etta James’ “Story Weather” is a beautiful song, it really doesn’t resonate with my image of
the typical Effie’s Heart woman. To me, Effie’s Heart is about being youthful. It’s about living a
carefree, simple, and full life. A life of good food, warm friends, and great lovers.

The Effie’s Heart woman is free spirited, independent, and loving. She can play the violin, sing you a
few Jazz songs, and she’s also one hell of a dance partner. She’s a smooth talker who not only can walk
the walk, but she can do it in heels.

She’s not cute. She’s not sexy. Hell, she’s not even hot. To me, the typical woman of Effie’s heart is
eternal. Her beauty is the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood – which is
to say that her beauty will be remembered for years to come. The kind of beauty that you
photograph and store in your wallet so at a moments notice you could take it out and shout to the
world “I am in love with this gorgeous woman!”

I think Kimo (the owner and designer of Effie’s Heart) said it best: “These clothes will never go out of
style, and that’s because they’re already old fashioned! They’re timeless. The same dress can be worn
by a daughter, a mother, and even a grandmother.” For the past few days I’ve been looking at these
pictures for hours on end and I can say with complete conviction that this is a very romantic
collection. It’s sweet, loving, caring, young, old, timeless, trendy, and completely and utterly beautiful.

Putting all of that into perspective, I think I’ve finally found the perfect song for this perfect
collection: Julie London’s “Fly Me To The Moon”. Why that song? Well, if you listen to it and look at
these pictures at the same time, you’ll see and feel why. Happy Holidays everyone.


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6 responses to “*Exclusive* Effie’s Heart: Fall 2010 Collection

  1. The Falco

    Fun Fact: I had less than 8 minutes to photograph these outfits.

  2. well done under the time limit. and hey you know how to make a gal blush! so i noticed that quite a few of your photos take place at de anza – does that mean you’re in the south bay? lets hang!

    AND we need to get you on twitter & facebook!


    • The Falco

      Make a gal blush? How did THAT happen? I’ll take notes and try to remember :P

      The photos are from De Anza because I started off as their style/fashion columnist. After taking photos for them, I just decided to post them on a website and viola! The Falco was created. I’m still their photographer so that’s why you see a lot of photos from De Anza.

      And yes! Let’s cheeel! I thought all of you fashion bloggers lived in the city. I felt very ghetto being the only one from East Side San Jose :P

      Once I establish the direction I want to go with my blog, and I get into a nice rhythm, I’ll finally start a Twitter/Facebook page :)

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  4. You are an amazing womens clothing photographer. Thank you for capturing the true essence of Effie’s Heart! Much love to you.

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