What The Hell?! Is That Kid Cudi?!?!…Union Square, San Francisco

OH MY GOD IT’S KID CUDIIIII! *screams like a little girl* LET ME GET YOUR AUTO….wait…
WAIT a second!
You’re not Kid Cudi! YOU’RE A PHONY! Hmmm…come to think about it, you
actually dress better than Kid Cudi. Well then shit! Long live Kid Cudi’s twin brother….Kid

So I was debating whether or not I wanted to post this picture, or a picture of a really beautiful
blond woman. However, considering the fact that it is Black Friday, I figured I should not only
post a picture of a rakish Black man, but I should also post it at 1:04 a.m instead of my usual
time of 12 p.m.

I gotta admit: when it comes to style, this guy has even bigger balls than
me. And NO, it’s not just because he’s black! Jeez! Get your mind out of the
gutter! Anywho, how can you not crown this man King of Style with those
pants and that jacket? The cut is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in person!
This is the work of a really good designer, or a really crazy person. Either
way, he manages to pull it off with such confidence. It’s almost as if he’s
unaware of it.

I‘ve never been a fan of matching your shoes with your shirt and yada
yada, but this look is just amazing. The bow tie, the shoes, the hat, the
glasses. God DAMN this guy is good! I’m pretty sure that he dresses just
as good if not, better, all day everyday – or should I say…Day N’ Nite?



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4 responses to “What The Hell?! Is That Kid Cudi?!?!…Union Square, San Francisco

  1. Ranier, I’m so glad I got to be on the panel with you because your site is hilarious. I loved this post especially! Sent it to my BF and we had a good laugh!!


    • The Falco

      Hey HEY! You don’t need to flatter me, I already think you’re an awesome blogger 8) Besides….you had me at midriff


      Well thank you so much for your compliments and I’m glad I was able to make you and your boyfriend (bestfriend?) laugh :)

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