The Real Housewife Of San Francisco: Union Square, San Francisco

Why do I like this picture so much? Granted that her golden heel is pretty
cool, the rest of the outfit is just… nice. It’s not even a “DAMN! That’s hella
but rather a “oh, that’s nice.” Is it because she’s really pretty? The
flowers? Or the fact that she looks like she jumped right off an ad for
Banana Republic? Meh… I don’t know… I’ll get back to you that.

Anyone with a decent amount of logic would come to the conclusion that
either those flowers are to be delivered, or she received them from
someone. However, wouldn’t it be interesting (and kinda cool) if that
entire vase of flowers were part of her outfit? So instead of putting a little
cutesy flower in her hair, she just chopped off a bunch of flowers and stuck
it in water, lugging it around the city for everyone to see. I like to think
that’s what she’s doing.

Back to my previous question, I think I know why I like this so much. For
some strange reason, this seems like the perfect “wife” outfit. The kind of
outfit that a well-to-do woman who is married to her well-to-do man would
wear. A woman with class, a woman with dignity, and a woman with a
keen yet delicate sense of taste and style. She’s not the type to strut down
the catwalk because she’s not that kind of woman. Nevertheless, this “nice”
outfit might not fit in a page of Vogue, but it would sure look nice in a home.



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5 responses to “The Real Housewife Of San Francisco: Union Square, San Francisco

  1. She’s very pretty. I like how the jacket is blowing open to reveal part of her waist. Nice composition.

  2. pj

    Isn’t this Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer?

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