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I <3 Chanel [Knockoffs]: The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Perhaps I’m just ill informed of the differences between fake and real brands, but this thing still looks good!
Okay, maybe the 8-bit bubbles are a dead giveaway, but whatever, man! I think that as long as you can
pull off that Goach purse or that Bucci scarf, you’re good in my book! Besides… I think this red looks really
nice on her skin tone.

What do you think? Does she pull off the knockoff or should she just….KNOCK it OFF! PUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself :)

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The Queen of Printed Flamingos: The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

FINALLY! After two weeks of doing Fashion show posts, I’m finally back to doing street fashion! And to be
honest, I’m relieved. I love doing the whole fashion show/fashion event stuff, but there’s something
magical and almost relaxing when it comes to photographing random strangers on the street.

In this picture, the lady above is a stranger but the setting is definitely not a street. A few weeks ago,
my family and I went to the California Academy of Sciences to spend quality time and to check out
cute animals. With my camera in hand, I was scouting the whole place for people to photograph.

Unfortunately, it was fanny pack galore up in that place and all I saw were a sea of cargo shorts and mom
jeans. Luckily, I spotted this lady dressed up like she just came back from a meeting with the King of Egypt.
I was like DAYUM WOMAN! It’s too rich, too sweet, and too luxurious! Those fabrics are givin me diabetes!
And if that wasn’t enough, this was taken on the rooftop of the entire building! WA-POW!

You know what I love about San Francisco women? They can wear some nice,
lavish outfits and then pair it with something offbeat like this: a  printed skirt
with white flamingos. WHO DOES THAT?! I’m not saying it’s bad (because I
truly love it), I’m just saying it’s ballsy. Ya hear that, New York?! San
Francisco Women have BIG BALLS! YEA!!!!


It’s good to be back home :)

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Full Framed: Michelle Elaine of FVNCY.COM + (HD Video)

What if today were your last day on earth? If you knew you were
going to be gone forever,
what five things would you leave behind?
What five items would you choose as the fossil of who you were,
what you were like, and what you surrounded yourself with?


These five items can be practical tools used daily, sentimental gifts,
or they can be symbols of something money can’t buy: your
childhood, a long lost memory, or someone you love.

When it comes to fashion blogging, I definitely have my favorites as well as those
who I really really dislike. One of the ways in which a fashion blogger can be on
my good side is by creating their own original content.

That means taking your own pictures, drawing your own drawings, and doing
the writing yourself. I’m sorry to sound like a dick-in-a-box but those fashion
blogs where people just repost shit? … I hate it. Michelle Elaine is NOT one of
those people (thank god.)

Her blog (FVNCY.COM) is incredibly simple but after all the time I’ve spent on
there, I feel like it’s one of the most genuine of fashion blogs. It’s not fake,  and it
doesn’t have a snobby “look at how hawt I am/how expensive my clothes
are” kind of vibe.

Despite her honest and “real” blog, I still felt as if a big chunk of her personality
was missing from the page. A part of her character that could only be seen
in person.

“I’m still very self conscious of what I write on my blog. I tend to filter things
out a lot. I try not to, but it’s hard. That’s why I like Christina’s (Profreshstyle)
blog: she has the guts to just say things – I can’t do that.”

From a blogging perspective, I see Michelle as a tiny, cute little caterpillar.
She’s still making her rounds and doing a great job at what she does, but what
she’s doing now is only the start. I see a lot of potential in her work and I can
only hope that one day she’ll open up to us all…and when she does, I’m sure
she’ll be on everyone’s favorite list :)

Happy Holidays Everyone


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The In-Crowd: Arts of Fashion at The Bently Reserve, San Francisco

When I arrived at the Bently Reserve for the Arts of Fashion Competition, I saw an older lady wearing a comfy
lookin jacket, and if I can recall, cute little glasses. I was like “Awww! You’re SO ADORABLE! Can I take you
home with me? Can I put you in my pocket and let you grow on my windowsill?” Little did I know that
the same little cute lady would turn into THIS!

Holy mackerel! That is one hell of an outfit! I love how nonchalant she looks. She’s got this smirk on her
face that says “PUAHA! Surprise! Yea, that’s right, I’m the baddest mother f*cker in this room, I know.”

There was definitely a lot of eye candy at this show. Not only were the clothes down the runway fantastic,
the people in the chairs were just as fashionable! This was definitely something you had to see and experience
for yourself…wait…wait a minute…WHAT THE HELL?!

What the crap is this?! You’re watching International designers showcase their work and you’re looking
at it through a tiny little screen?! HOW DARE YOU! Someone call the fashion police! RIGHT. NOW!!! I
mean sheez! Oh well, who am I to judge? Maybe she’s into that whole “voyeur” fetish. Speaking of fetishes!
I have some shoes for you feetophiles.

Black Heels Lady: Sorry betch, but my heels are bettar!
Purple Heels Lady: EWWW! No way, BETCH!

Uber Cool Shoes Lady: Pssh, “I” have the best shoes in this joint!

Now THIS is a cool guy. Meet Matthew. Chances are, you don’t have the guts to pull of this look. I know
for damn sure I don’t. Look at the details, son! The tie, the printed shirt, the tiny leather strap, the makeup,
and that cool jacket! My Blogger BFF Michelle (of once said:

When I met Matthew I was like ‘OMG! BE MY BFF'” And you know what they say: The BFF of my Blogger BFF

OMFG! MATTHEW! Do you realize who you are standing next to?! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! JOHN
GALLIANO! MONSIEUR GALLIANO! I have so many questions! First off, what was your inspiration for
the Spring 2011 collection? John? Wait….WAIT A MINUTE! You’re not John Galliano!


Just kidding :) But seriously, doesn’t he remind you of John Galliano himself? Granted that this is the
closest I’ll get to Galliano in the flesh, this guy has quite the look goin on. Crazy ass rings, manicured
facial hair, and he’s rockin an Alexander McQueen scarf! TOUCHE good sir!

After gazing at this image for hours on end, I have concluded that Bethany (the model/woman above)
reminds me of a modernized version of Marilyn Monroe. She has such an distinct look which makes me
think “Of course you’re a model! Why wouldn’t you be?”But what I love most about this is how she’s lookin
at that guy. I can imagine their conversation being like this:

Man: “So I was flying to New York, and the guy next to me…”
Bethany: (in her head) Why is this man talking to me? Doesn’t he know that I am BETHANY?! HOW dare you
speak to me!

And that my friends concludes this segment of The Falco dot com. Stay tuned for this Wednesday when we
unveil my first STREET FASHION outfit in like, a month! Woo! *roll credits*

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SeeZenn Fashion Show 2010 (HD Video)

Pssst! The video is also available in HD! Check it out! ;)

Something to think about:

The lifespan of a fashion model can last anywhere between thirty years to thirty seconds. In the blink of an eye, a once
popular fashion icon could be thrown out like old milk. Tossed into the abyss and branded as “old news”. In the world of
high fashion, models are seen as essential yet disposable pieces in a larger puzzle. To many, models are a mere coat
hanger with legs. But are they?

Isn’t it ironic that the fashion industry tosses out models so easily when in the end, fashion itself is about making
people feel good about themselves? It’s remarkable how designers claim to be all about “satisfying the customer” or
“making women feel beautiful” yet through their advertisements, they often times just make us feel insecure about

Yes, I know this commentary is contradictory since the women in my video are beyond gorgeous, but here’s what I
was trying to do with it: I wanted to show the life of a model when the lights are off. I wanted people to see a more
lonely, less glamorous, and even more romantic side to fashion modeling. I wanted to paint an image where models
are more than coat hangers with legs, but people with feelings. Feelings of nervousness, momentary sadness, and
of emptiness.

This is the life of a “dying” model. One who, despite being very young, is still very old (in the eyes of the industry).


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On The Runway: The Arts of Fashion Competition 2010

In the five years that I’ve been interested in fashion, I’ve had the luxury of attending a decent amount of
amateur fashion shows. High School fashion shows, ethnic fashion shows, and the horrific display of acting and
pseudo-fashion at the various Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) fashion shows. Heck, I even created my own
fashion show during High School!

But after I got into the fashion scene in San Francisco, shit got real. The production value at the Arts of  Fashion
Competition 2010 is beyond anything I’ve attended in the past. The quality of the outfits literally takes a
steaming dump on everything I’ve ever seen before. Once you go Arts of Fashion, you never go back.

I was told recently that the Arts of Fashion competition is held all over the world, traveling from city to city
every year (kinda like the Olympics.) I mean think about it! I just got into fashion blogging no more than seven
months ago and the Arts of Fashion just so happened to showcase in San Francisco. Can you say “Destiny?” Can
you say “lucky bastard?”

Fate, I have no idea what your problem is, but whatever crap you’re trying to pull on me, it’s TOTALLY working.
Let’s just hope this thing is as good as it seems. If not, oh well, shit happens. I might be sabotaged by fellow
fashion bloggers in the near future, or I might even have my fingers broken thus disabling my ability to take
photographs and write blogs. But for now? Weeeeeee!!!

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Arts of Fashion Competition 2010 (Video)


This is the first video I have ever shot, and the first video I have ever edited. Not bad, eh?
I’ve always wanted to do short films but I just didn’t have the equipment. Now that I do,
I’m going on a video bender! I’m videotaping everything! But enough ranting and raving…

During the event, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to shoot, or how. All I had to rely on was
my ability to photograph. From there, I naturally chose angles that I would if I were
taking a picture – and viola! Here it is.

This video isn’t a total recap of the event, nor is it about anything in particular. I guess you
can say it’s a mere peek. It’s the show from my perspective. From backstage, from the
sidelines, and from down below. But one of the surprises that came out of this clip was the
sheer amount of detail.

In almost every clip, there’s a small nuance that each of the models give off. Whether it’s
a friendly smile, a sign of nervousness, or even the look of seduction, there’s something
to be seen from each scene. I also slowed each of the scenes down because I think
fashion should be viewed the same way. Fashion shows should be savored, rolled around
your brain like a swig of fine wine, and thought about with great detail. They aren’t
quick shows that you watch and forget about. Months and months are spent planning
each fashion show so at the very least, we should give the designers a little bit more of
our time.

I think I’ll be doing more videos from now on. Enjoy :)


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Details: 2010 Arts of Fashion Competition (behind the scenes)

Fashion shows and photographers go together like botox and Janice Dickinson. They just can’t live
without each other! However, there are two types of photographers during fashion events: people who
are photographers first, and people who are fashionistas first. I’m the latter. I know close to nothing
about photography. Hell, I’ll level with ya: I can barely balance my aperture and shutter speed

However, I do know what I want in a picture. I know how it should look like before I snap the shot. I’ve
read fashion magazines for a good 5 or so years and my artsy fartsy eye has taken notes, and stored
them in the long term memory section. Now if only I could do that while studying…

Anyways! While I was backstage, I only had a few moments to photograph the dressed models right
before they were catapulted into the battle field. It’s cruel out there man! Luckily, these strapping
ladies were equipped with some of the finest gear I’ve ever seen. Details my friend, DETAILS!

With so many little layers in the back, you could probably smuggle a good amount of cocaine onto an
airplane. I mean, not that I care, or that I need it, or that I’ve done it – I’m just sayin!

Guten tag! Now uhh…can I get your number? This outfit is great but it’s missing a few key elements:
a cow, a churn, a little blonde girl with pigtails running around in the fields, and a long line of laundry
drying out in the sun… or not. On a more serious note, this outfit is pretty damn wearable. I can
actually picture this exact piece being worn out on the street, or to a nice brunch in the city.

How intricate is this? There are over five different textures in one outfit! I mean you can really see the
craftsmanship in the blue skirt and those frayed and shredded shoulders. It’s not really an outfit I’d
recommend for a boardroom meeting or the supermarket, but it is San Francisco appropriate! We have
crazy bums lurking the streets doing weird shit, so wearing this would be quite normal in the eyes
of the city folks.

Alright, this is a bit random and not part of any model or any outfit. This is actually the hairstyle of
one of the designers. I thought it was incredibly cool, and very wild. I think I will transform this style
into a runway collection and call it: Bob Marley Chic! Am I right?! :DD…nevermind….

Before you try to escape the maze of this crazy complex dress, notice how soft it looks. I didn’t get a
chance to touch this fabric (since it was being worn and touching it would result in me being
arrested for inappropriate groping) but I can only imagine what it feels like. Silk? Freshly picked
cotton? The backside of Eva Mendez’s bum? Who knows?!

For most of us, we watch fashion shows for the entire show. The lights, the music, the models, and
the experience. The thrill of seeing an outfit (that you will never be able to afford) glide down the
runway as it takes away all your hopes and dreams.

But enough sulking! What I’m trying to say is that we as viewers of fashion need to watch these
shows and keep our eyes open for what’s really important: the details. Designers spend hours and
hours and hours slaving themselves, being chained to their sewing machines as they knit and
create these minuscule details that they hope you can pick up on.

So next time you’re at a fashion show, quit worrying about “Ooooh! Is this a new Lady Gaga song?!”
and start opening your eyes to the wonders of what fashion shows are about. As Dexter Morgan
once said

“If God is in the details – and if I believed in a god –
then he is here in this room.”


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Backstage at The Bently Reserve: HAWT Models Galore!

Everyone knows her. She’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she has great hair, a great smile, and every guy
wants to get in her pants (which will never happen.) Who am I talking about? I’m talkin about that
one extremely beautiful girl who went to your high school. The one you checked out from afar. The
one who was so untouchable, and so out of your league that to actually hook up with her would mean
you were either 1.) One of those douchebags who rode motorcycles and picked up any girl you wanted
or 2.) Well… there really isn’t a number 2...sorry.

So what happens when pick out that one special girl from every school from an entire city, throw some
amazing clothes on their backs, and send them all down the runway? You get one hell of an eye-gasm.

Question: How can you tell the difference between a good model and a bad one?
Answer: Bad models are always trying to look “sexy”. They always have their lips puckered, their tits
squeezed, and their body language says something like “I play hard to get but in reality, I’m SUPER

Not these girls. These girls are classy. They have dignity in their faces, and they’re confident enough to
be photographed at any given moment. When you look at em, none of these ladies are overly “fierce”.
I snapped all of these photographs during their time off from the runway. And even in these pinnacle
moments right before the show, they remain as calm and collected as a Buddhist monk on opium.

Okay, so I lied. These models aren’t always calm looking. Some of them can turn on you. Some of them
can turn on that fierceness in a millisecond. As beautiful as they are, when they  put on their game
faces, you’ll be crapping in your pants faster than you can take the picture. I’m pretty sure if Tiger
Woods hooked up with these ladies, he would never cheat. Why? I mean look at this woman! This lady
will bring grown men (with big mustaches, and axes, and beer bellies) to tears.

I love how these two girls with the jeweled headpieces knew exactly how to wear em. The pose is perfect,
and their heads are turned ever so gently, providing maximum hotness. Being around all these
amazingly beautiful women, I felt like a kid at a[n] [eye] candy store!

This was one of my favorite models. We totally bonded up in that balcony,
man! She was givin me those model vibes! I just wanna take her back to
my place, bring her up to my room, and spend HOURS and HOURS…
playing video games! :D

I learned a valuable lesson that night. The lesson being that San Francisco
girls are the best. They’re beautiful and free-spirited like a California girl
should be, yet sophisticated like a rich New York woman. It’s
the best of both worlds!

So yea, whatever Katy Perry said about California girls was true. I mean
I’m not really sure what she said (because I was too busy checking her out
in that music video) but go California girls! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need
to change my pants…

**Attention Models** Don’t forget to check out the official
Facebook page of this
fashion blog, The Falco. I will have
additional photos posted there! You
might not be on this specific
post, but you could very well be posted in
the pictures section. So
check it out and don’t forget to “Like” it!


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If Jesus Were A Blonde Girl: Union Square, San Francisco

Jesus?… Is that you? If Jesus Christ were a twenty-something blondie who lived in San Francisco, he
would probably choose to reincarnate as this woman. I mean will you get a look at her?! By golly! I
just wanna take this picture and make a T-shirt out of it! And I’ll sell it too! I’LL MAKE MILLIONS!!!

…or not..

Every time I go to San Francisco I always look for perfect shots like this. Pictures that fall into my lap.
Ones where I can do exactly what I did in this situation:

Me: (Hi my name is blah blah blah)… Would you mind if I take a picture of your outfit?
Blondie: What do you want me to do? Do I stand somewhere?
Me: NO NO! Stay there! Stay right where you are!

Street Fashion Blogging is some scary stuff, man. I mean you can get a perfect scene like this but if a
strong enough wind comes by, poof! Your camera shakes, you get a blurry picture, and then you
hang yourself for being so stupid. Now I’m starting to ask myself “How the hell did I get so many good
shots in my fashion blogging career?! I am one lucky bastard!”

And really now, do I have to explain this outfit? Do I have to go into detail about how PERFECT her
hair is, and how badly I want to put it on a stick and use it as a lollipop? Or how awesome that jacket
is in relation to her ultra faint, pink top? There are no words to describe how in-the-moment this
outfit is. It’s divine. It’s perfect. It’s… completely unpredictable.



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