OOoooOOO! It’s A Real Magician!…Geary St, San Francisco

When we were young, our mommies and daddies always warned us about talking to strangers. Well you
know what? SCREW THEM! Talking to strangers and photographing them on the street was one of the
best decisions I’ve ever made! Not only does it eliminate your fear of approaching future girlfriends, but
it also gives you an amazing opportunity to meet some incredibly successful, and unique characters.

Him: So what do you do?
Me: I’m a fashion photographer and I post these pictures on my blog and write about em. Yourself?
Him: I’m the owner of a theater in San Francisco. We specialize in magic shows and sleight of hand.
Me: FREALS?! Aye bro, hook me up n shit! I’m bout to get my David Blaine on, son!

Haha okay, that last line didn’t happen, but I definitely thought about it! I mean come on! A real
Magician? These are my Childhood dreams turned reality! I used to love watching Magic shows on T.V
and I even bought a few VHS tapes of coin magic. Unfortunately, I’m a very impatient guy and I
eventually said “F*ck it! I’m gonna play some videogames!”

In the mind of a person who has read GQ for the past 5 years, I have the
urge to say “BURN THAT COAT! It’s not tapered enough! MUST…BE…
SLIMMER!” But that really isn’t the case right now. As I’ve said in the
past, fit is always important but it’s also relative. A slim coat may look
magazine friendly but in accordance to this man and who he is, and what
he does, I think it’s perfect. I believe who he says he is. That is of course…
unless he’s lying. Is lying the correct term? Or should I say: He’s got one
hell of a Poker Face.

P.S. You know how committed this man is to Magic? Look at the angle in
which he is standing. At first, I thought my camera was tilted the wrong
way, but when you look at the background, everything is straight! This
guy really is a magician! Not only is he good at sleight of hand, he’s good
at sleight of…uhhh…body?



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2 responses to “OOoooOOO! It’s A Real Magician!…Geary St, San Francisco

  1. His clothes appear to fit well. Notice the sleeves on the overcoat are not too long. A sign this man has a tailor! And look at those shoes….

    • The Falco

      what I really like is the black and blue houndstooth :) You only notice it on the first picture, but from afar, it’s faint.

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