If Jesus Were A Blonde Girl: Union Square, San Francisco

Jesus?… Is that you? If Jesus Christ were a twenty-something blondie who lived in San Francisco, he
would probably choose to reincarnate as this woman. I mean will you get a look at her?! By golly! I
just wanna take this picture and make a T-shirt out of it! And I’ll sell it too! I’LL MAKE MILLIONS!!!

…or not..

Every time I go to San Francisco I always look for perfect shots like this. Pictures that fall into my lap.
Ones where I can do exactly what I did in this situation:

Me: (Hi my name is blah blah blah)… Would you mind if I take a picture of your outfit?
Blondie: What do you want me to do? Do I stand somewhere?
Me: NO NO! Stay there! Stay right where you are!

Street Fashion Blogging is some scary stuff, man. I mean you can get a perfect scene like this but if a
strong enough wind comes by, poof! Your camera shakes, you get a blurry picture, and then you
hang yourself for being so stupid. Now I’m starting to ask myself “How the hell did I get so many good
shots in my fashion blogging career?! I am one lucky bastard!”

And really now, do I have to explain this outfit? Do I have to go into detail about how PERFECT her
hair is, and how badly I want to put it on a stick and use it as a lollipop? Or how awesome that jacket
is in relation to her ultra faint, pink top? There are no words to describe how in-the-moment this
outfit is. It’s divine. It’s perfect. It’s… completely unpredictable.




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6 responses to “If Jesus Were A Blonde Girl: Union Square, San Francisco

  1. if god were one of us… thanks for getting this very random song stuck in my head


  2. She is gorg & I just love her hair. Of course, I could never pull that look off, and I love my long locks oh so much, but I am always secretly jealous of those who CAN pull it off.

    I just found your blog through Christina of ProfreshStyle, where one of your comments (oh & one of mine too, hehe!) was featured.
    Consider me sold! In other words, I’m your newest follower.


    • The Falco

      I am in a constant battle between my preference for short haired girls and my love affair with long ones. I think in the end, it all depends on the specific girl, and her specific face shape/personal style. Judging by the shots on your blog, I think you look great with the length you have. Nevertheless, I still think you also could do very very well with short hair :)

      Ooh! If fashion bloggers can find me through Christina’s site, then hell! I’ll post there every day! :D

      Oh, and thanks :o)

  3. yeah, hmm, i think…. oh wait………. yeah- i might be in love with you.
    Fashion, awesome photography AND witty commentary!?!?? I’m definitely an avid follower from now on!

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