Backstage at The Bently Reserve: HAWT Models Galore!

Everyone knows her. She’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she has great hair, a great smile, and every guy
wants to get in her pants (which will never happen.) Who am I talking about? I’m talkin about that
one extremely beautiful girl who went to your high school. The one you checked out from afar. The
one who was so untouchable, and so out of your league that to actually hook up with her would mean
you were either 1.) One of those douchebags who rode motorcycles and picked up any girl you wanted
or 2.) Well… there really isn’t a number 2...sorry.

So what happens when pick out that one special girl from every school from an entire city, throw some
amazing clothes on their backs, and send them all down the runway? You get one hell of an eye-gasm.

Question: How can you tell the difference between a good model and a bad one?
Answer: Bad models are always trying to look “sexy”. They always have their lips puckered, their tits
squeezed, and their body language says something like “I play hard to get but in reality, I’m SUPER

Not these girls. These girls are classy. They have dignity in their faces, and they’re confident enough to
be photographed at any given moment. When you look at em, none of these ladies are overly “fierce”.
I snapped all of these photographs during their time off from the runway. And even in these pinnacle
moments right before the show, they remain as calm and collected as a Buddhist monk on opium.

Okay, so I lied. These models aren’t always calm looking. Some of them can turn on you. Some of them
can turn on that fierceness in a millisecond. As beautiful as they are, when they  put on their game
faces, you’ll be crapping in your pants faster than you can take the picture. I’m pretty sure if Tiger
Woods hooked up with these ladies, he would never cheat. Why? I mean look at this woman! This lady
will bring grown men (with big mustaches, and axes, and beer bellies) to tears.

I love how these two girls with the jeweled headpieces knew exactly how to wear em. The pose is perfect,
and their heads are turned ever so gently, providing maximum hotness. Being around all these
amazingly beautiful women, I felt like a kid at a[n] [eye] candy store!

This was one of my favorite models. We totally bonded up in that balcony,
man! She was givin me those model vibes! I just wanna take her back to
my place, bring her up to my room, and spend HOURS and HOURS…
playing video games! :D

I learned a valuable lesson that night. The lesson being that San Francisco
girls are the best. They’re beautiful and free-spirited like a California girl
should be, yet sophisticated like a rich New York woman. It’s
the best of both worlds!

So yea, whatever Katy Perry said about California girls was true. I mean
I’m not really sure what she said (because I was too busy checking her out
in that music video) but go California girls! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need
to change my pants…

**Attention Models** Don’t forget to check out the official
Facebook page of this
fashion blog, The Falco. I will have
additional photos posted there! You
might not be on this specific
post, but you could very well be posted in
the pictures section. So
check it out and don’t forget to “Like” it!


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5 responses to “Backstage at The Bently Reserve: HAWT Models Galore!

  1. Buahahaha you filthy animal! Nice shots Ranier! And the how do you tell a good model from a bad model – so true! The best models just exude cool without trying so damn hard.


    • The Falco


      Bad Models = The ones in beer commercials.

      Don’t get me wrong, those girls are hot!… but these ones are beautiful :)

  2. nika

    Great writeup!

  3. great post but seriously though, what is it with all bay area designers and their shows is it that they have to always be strange, weird, awkward, unable to actually wear in real life, not actually inspirational?! I swear. It’s why I don’t attend fashion shows here. It’s terrible ass shit.

    Although I’m sure the designer(s) are lovely.

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