Details: 2010 Arts of Fashion Competition (behind the scenes)

Fashion shows and photographers go together like botox and Janice Dickinson. They just can’t live
without each other! However, there are two types of photographers during fashion events: people who
are photographers first, and people who are fashionistas first. I’m the latter. I know close to nothing
about photography. Hell, I’ll level with ya: I can barely balance my aperture and shutter speed

However, I do know what I want in a picture. I know how it should look like before I snap the shot. I’ve
read fashion magazines for a good 5 or so years and my artsy fartsy eye has taken notes, and stored
them in the long term memory section. Now if only I could do that while studying…

Anyways! While I was backstage, I only had a few moments to photograph the dressed models right
before they were catapulted into the battle field. It’s cruel out there man! Luckily, these strapping
ladies were equipped with some of the finest gear I’ve ever seen. Details my friend, DETAILS!

With so many little layers in the back, you could probably smuggle a good amount of cocaine onto an
airplane. I mean, not that I care, or that I need it, or that I’ve done it – I’m just sayin!

Guten tag! Now uhh…can I get your number? This outfit is great but it’s missing a few key elements:
a cow, a churn, a little blonde girl with pigtails running around in the fields, and a long line of laundry
drying out in the sun… or not. On a more serious note, this outfit is pretty damn wearable. I can
actually picture this exact piece being worn out on the street, or to a nice brunch in the city.

How intricate is this? There are over five different textures in one outfit! I mean you can really see the
craftsmanship in the blue skirt and those frayed and shredded shoulders. It’s not really an outfit I’d
recommend for a boardroom meeting or the supermarket, but it is San Francisco appropriate! We have
crazy bums lurking the streets doing weird shit, so wearing this would be quite normal in the eyes
of the city folks.

Alright, this is a bit random and not part of any model or any outfit. This is actually the hairstyle of
one of the designers. I thought it was incredibly cool, and very wild. I think I will transform this style
into a runway collection and call it: Bob Marley Chic! Am I right?! :DD…nevermind….

Before you try to escape the maze of this crazy complex dress, notice how soft it looks. I didn’t get a
chance to touch this fabric (since it was being worn and touching it would result in me being
arrested for inappropriate groping) but I can only imagine what it feels like. Silk? Freshly picked
cotton? The backside of Eva Mendez’s bum? Who knows?!

For most of us, we watch fashion shows for the entire show. The lights, the music, the models, and
the experience. The thrill of seeing an outfit (that you will never be able to afford) glide down the
runway as it takes away all your hopes and dreams.

But enough sulking! What I’m trying to say is that we as viewers of fashion need to watch these
shows and keep our eyes open for what’s really important: the details. Designers spend hours and
hours and hours slaving themselves, being chained to their sewing machines as they knit and
create these minuscule details that they hope you can pick up on.

So next time you’re at a fashion show, quit worrying about “Ooooh! Is this a new Lady Gaga song?!”
and start opening your eyes to the wonders of what fashion shows are about. As Dexter Morgan
once said

“If God is in the details – and if I believed in a god –
then he is here in this room.”



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2 responses to “Details: 2010 Arts of Fashion Competition (behind the scenes)

  1. Awesome images! I’m the one that made the German milkmaid blouse, haha. The show was really spectacular this year!

    Hope you don’t mind, but I posted your images on my blog and gave you credit for them. If possible, I would love to get the originals!


    • The Falco


      You did a really good job. I’ll admit: there were some outfits at the show that I didn’t really care for, but yours was actually very cool. I liked it a lot. I’m posting a video of the fashion show on Wednesday, and there’s a snippet of one of your girls. And thanks for posting/giving me credit on your blog!

      Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll send you the originals :) And again, great work John! I hope to see more of your pieces in the future.

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