Arts of Fashion Competition 2010 (Video)


This is the first video I have ever shot, and the first video I have ever edited. Not bad, eh?
I’ve always wanted to do short films but I just didn’t have the equipment. Now that I do,
I’m going on a video bender! I’m videotaping everything! But enough ranting and raving…

During the event, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to shoot, or how. All I had to rely on was
my ability to photograph. From there, I naturally chose angles that I would if I were
taking a picture – and viola! Here it is.

This video isn’t a total recap of the event, nor is it about anything in particular. I guess you
can say it’s a mere peek. It’s the show from my perspective. From backstage, from the
sidelines, and from down below. But one of the surprises that came out of this clip was the
sheer amount of detail.

In almost every clip, there’s a small nuance that each of the models give off. Whether it’s
a friendly smile, a sign of nervousness, or even the look of seduction, there’s something
to be seen from each scene. I also slowed each of the scenes down because I think
fashion should be viewed the same way. Fashion shows should be savored, rolled around
your brain like a swig of fine wine, and thought about with great detail. They aren’t
quick shows that you watch and forget about. Months and months are spent planning
each fashion show so at the very least, we should give the designers a little bit more of
our time.

I think I’ll be doing more videos from now on. Enjoy :)


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2 responses to “Arts of Fashion Competition 2010 (Video)

  1. Great job! Impressive. Keep on editing!

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