On The Runway: The Arts of Fashion Competition 2010

In the five years that I’ve been interested in fashion, I’ve had the luxury of attending a decent amount of
amateur fashion shows. High School fashion shows, ethnic fashion shows, and the horrific display of acting and
pseudo-fashion at the various Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) fashion shows. Heck, I even created my own
fashion show during High School!

But after I got into the fashion scene in San Francisco, shit got real. The production value at the Arts of  Fashion
Competition 2010 is beyond anything I’ve attended in the past. The quality of the outfits literally takes a
steaming dump on everything I’ve ever seen before. Once you go Arts of Fashion, you never go back.

I was told recently that the Arts of Fashion competition is held all over the world, traveling from city to city
every year (kinda like the Olympics.) I mean think about it! I just got into fashion blogging no more than seven
months ago and the Arts of Fashion just so happened to showcase in San Francisco. Can you say “Destiny?” Can
you say “lucky bastard?”

Fate, I have no idea what your problem is, but whatever crap you’re trying to pull on me, it’s TOTALLY working.
Let’s just hope this thing is as good as it seems. If not, oh well, shit happens. I might be sabotaged by fellow
fashion bloggers in the near future, or I might even have my fingers broken thus disabling my ability to take
photographs and write blogs. But for now? Weeeeeee!!!

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