SeeZenn Fashion Show 2010 (HD Video)

Pssst! The video is also available in HD! Check it out! ;)

Something to think about:

The lifespan of a fashion model can last anywhere between thirty years to thirty seconds. In the blink of an eye, a once
popular fashion icon could be thrown out like old milk. Tossed into the abyss and branded as “old news”. In the world of
high fashion, models are seen as essential yet disposable pieces in a larger puzzle. To many, models are a mere coat
hanger with legs. But are they?

Isn’t it ironic that the fashion industry tosses out models so easily when in the end, fashion itself is about making
people feel good about themselves? It’s remarkable how designers claim to be all about “satisfying the customer” or
“making women feel beautiful” yet through their advertisements, they often times just make us feel insecure about

Yes, I know this commentary is contradictory since the women in my video are beyond gorgeous, but here’s what I
was trying to do with it: I wanted to show the life of a model when the lights are off. I wanted people to see a more
lonely, less glamorous, and even more romantic side to fashion modeling. I wanted to paint an image where models
are more than coat hangers with legs, but people with feelings. Feelings of nervousness, momentary sadness, and
of emptiness.

This is the life of a “dying” model. One who, despite being very young, is still very old (in the eyes of the industry).


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3 responses to “SeeZenn Fashion Show 2010 (HD Video)

  1. Laurent

    Though shaking a bit, Love it…. the concept and the music.:):x

  2. Mallory Malmgren

    Love! Great music to go with it all.

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