The In-Crowd: Arts of Fashion at The Bently Reserve, San Francisco

When I arrived at the Bently Reserve for the Arts of Fashion Competition, I saw an older lady wearing a comfy
lookin jacket, and if I can recall, cute little glasses. I was like “Awww! You’re SO ADORABLE! Can I take you
home with me? Can I put you in my pocket and let you grow on my windowsill?” Little did I know that
the same little cute lady would turn into THIS!

Holy mackerel! That is one hell of an outfit! I love how nonchalant she looks. She’s got this smirk on her
face that says “PUAHA! Surprise! Yea, that’s right, I’m the baddest mother f*cker in this room, I know.”

There was definitely a lot of eye candy at this show. Not only were the clothes down the runway fantastic,
the people in the chairs were just as fashionable! This was definitely something you had to see and experience
for yourself…wait…wait a minute…WHAT THE HELL?!

What the crap is this?! You’re watching International designers showcase their work and you’re looking
at it through a tiny little screen?! HOW DARE YOU! Someone call the fashion police! RIGHT. NOW!!! I
mean sheez! Oh well, who am I to judge? Maybe she’s into that whole “voyeur” fetish. Speaking of fetishes!
I have some shoes for you feetophiles.

Black Heels Lady: Sorry betch, but my heels are bettar!
Purple Heels Lady: EWWW! No way, BETCH!

Uber Cool Shoes Lady: Pssh, “I” have the best shoes in this joint!

Now THIS is a cool guy. Meet Matthew. Chances are, you don’t have the guts to pull of this look. I know
for damn sure I don’t. Look at the details, son! The tie, the printed shirt, the tiny leather strap, the makeup,
and that cool jacket! My Blogger BFF Michelle (of once said:

When I met Matthew I was like ‘OMG! BE MY BFF'” And you know what they say: The BFF of my Blogger BFF

OMFG! MATTHEW! Do you realize who you are standing next to?! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! JOHN
GALLIANO! MONSIEUR GALLIANO! I have so many questions! First off, what was your inspiration for
the Spring 2011 collection? John? Wait….WAIT A MINUTE! You’re not John Galliano!


Just kidding :) But seriously, doesn’t he remind you of John Galliano himself? Granted that this is the
closest I’ll get to Galliano in the flesh, this guy has quite the look goin on. Crazy ass rings, manicured
facial hair, and he’s rockin an Alexander McQueen scarf! TOUCHE good sir!

After gazing at this image for hours on end, I have concluded that Bethany (the model/woman above)
reminds me of a modernized version of Marilyn Monroe. She has such an distinct look which makes me
think “Of course you’re a model! Why wouldn’t you be?”But what I love most about this is how she’s lookin
at that guy. I can imagine their conversation being like this:

Man: “So I was flying to New York, and the guy next to me…”
Bethany: (in her head) Why is this man talking to me? Doesn’t he know that I am BETHANY?! HOW dare you
speak to me!

And that my friends concludes this segment of The Falco dot com. Stay tuned for this Wednesday when we
unveil my first STREET FASHION outfit in like, a month! Woo! *roll credits*

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