Full Framed: Michelle Elaine of FVNCY.COM + (HD Video)

What if today were your last day on earth? If you knew you were
going to be gone forever,
what five things would you leave behind?
What five items would you choose as the fossil of who you were,
what you were like, and what you surrounded yourself with?


These five items can be practical tools used daily, sentimental gifts,
or they can be symbols of something money can’t buy: your
childhood, a long lost memory, or someone you love.

When it comes to fashion blogging, I definitely have my favorites as well as those
who I really really dislike. One of the ways in which a fashion blogger can be on
my good side is by creating their own original content.

That means taking your own pictures, drawing your own drawings, and doing
the writing yourself. I’m sorry to sound like a dick-in-a-box but those fashion
blogs where people just repost shit? … I hate it. Michelle Elaine is NOT one of
those people (thank god.)

Her blog (FVNCY.COM) is incredibly simple but after all the time I’ve spent on
there, I feel like it’s one of the most genuine of fashion blogs. It’s not fake,  and it
doesn’t have a snobby “look at how hawt I am/how expensive my clothes
are” kind of vibe.

Despite her honest and “real” blog, I still felt as if a big chunk of her personality
was missing from the page. A part of her character that could only be seen
in person.

“I’m still very self conscious of what I write on my blog. I tend to filter things
out a lot. I try not to, but it’s hard. That’s why I like Christina’s (Profreshstyle)
blog: she has the guts to just say things – I can’t do that.”

From a blogging perspective, I see Michelle as a tiny, cute little caterpillar.
She’s still making her rounds and doing a great job at what she does, but what
she’s doing now is only the start. I see a lot of potential in her work and I can
only hope that one day she’ll open up to us all…and when she does, I’m sure
she’ll be on everyone’s favorite list :)

Happy Holidays Everyone



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5 responses to “Full Framed: Michelle Elaine of FVNCY.COM + (HD Video)

  1. This was beautiful Ranier. I’m speechless really. What a great thing to do and it was a joy watching this! Can’t wait to be a part of this<3

    And thank you Michelle for the shout. I'm in awe, thank you for being so sweet!


  2. I loved this! Michelle is definitely one of the sweetest people I’ve met in a long time. She has a refreshingly honest blogging style, and personality, which are great to see and seem to be rare in the fashion blogging sphere.

  3. Mez

    This video is so beautiful.. the music, the lighting, the content, really lovely.

  4. Ranier you’re one talented mthafucka! Seriously I’m about to pimp out all your skills ;) Soooo Valentines Day meal suggestions?


    P.S. – I’m so glad we met! Blogger homies foreverrrr

  5. Love this! ME’s the best. Beautifully shot too.

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