The Queen of Printed Flamingos: The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

FINALLY! After two weeks of doing Fashion show posts, I’m finally back to doing street fashion! And to be
honest, I’m relieved. I love doing the whole fashion show/fashion event stuff, but there’s something
magical and almost relaxing when it comes to photographing random strangers on the street.

In this picture, the lady above is a stranger but the setting is definitely not a street. A few weeks ago,
my family and I went to the California Academy of Sciences to spend quality time and to check out
cute animals. With my camera in hand, I was scouting the whole place for people to photograph.

Unfortunately, it was fanny pack galore up in that place and all I saw were a sea of cargo shorts and mom
jeans. Luckily, I spotted this lady dressed up like she just came back from a meeting with the King of Egypt.
I was like DAYUM WOMAN! It’s too rich, too sweet, and too luxurious! Those fabrics are givin me diabetes!
And if that wasn’t enough, this was taken on the rooftop of the entire building! WA-POW!

You know what I love about San Francisco women? They can wear some nice,
lavish outfits and then pair it with something offbeat like this: a  printed skirt
with white flamingos. WHO DOES THAT?! I’m not saying it’s bad (because I
truly love it), I’m just saying it’s ballsy. Ya hear that, New York?! San
Francisco Women have BIG BALLS! YEA!!!!


It’s good to be back home :)

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