**BREAKING NEWS** I GIVE UP On “Street Fashion” Photography?

Some of you are probably wondering by now:

“Is he seriously giving up Street Fashion?”

To answer that question: No, I’m not. However, I’ve been doing a lot of
thinking and during my recent trip to San Francisco, I had an epiphany.


During the month of December, I attended back-to-back fashion shows
as a photo and videographer.  While spending time backstage, I worked
on my first three fashion videos, and did anything but street fashion. It
was very busy work but within the span of two days, I was able to
generate enough content for three weeks! After awhile, I got sick and
tired of being on a schedule and I just needed some fresh air, and a
chance to rekindle with the concrete jungle.

Back in my natural habitat, I spent almost four hours walking around,
trying to find someone, anyone to photograph. I did find a handful of
nice outfits but I didn’t find enough. That’s the thing I hate about street
fashion: as nice as it is to go out and talk to strangers, my content is
entirely based on the creativity of other people. Essentially, I’m a

But that’s not who I am – or rather, not all I can do. I have over ten
different photoshoot ideas I’d like to work on, over 5 different videos
I want to try out, and at least 3 short films I have in mind. I’ve picked
out music, outfits, models, makeup, hair ideas, themes, and places I’d
like to shoot. Standing in the corner of Union Square, feet cramped,
throat dry, and tummy growling, it came to me:

I want to focus more on Fashion Editorial/Fashion Film/Fashion
Shows/Fashion Events

So as of now, The Falco.com will be undergoing massive changes to
it’s mission statement, branching out from under the tree of street
fashion, and into the cosmos of editorial and beyond. I mean shit! I’ve
been blogging for over 6 years! I’m not just a blogger, but a storyteller.
As much as I like telling the stories of outfits I see on the street, I’d
much rather create my own.

Street fashion will always be there, and I will still do it, but just not as
much. I hope you can understand, and I hope all of my readers will
continue to visit the site for more pictures, videos, and stories.

One of the shots from my 1960's themed Photoshoot, taken in Downtown San Francisco

**Attention Models, Makeup Artists, Hair
Stylists, Designers, Photographers,
Videographers, and Bloggers**

If you’d like to work with me on my many many MANY projects, feel
free to contact me at monsieurfalco@gmail.com, or you can add me
on Facebook, OR you can contact me through the official Facebook
page of TheFalco.com.


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One response to “**BREAKING NEWS** I GIVE UP On “Street Fashion” Photography?

  1. I’d like that, but I’m from Belgium. So I guess that’s kind of a problem :D

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