The Details: Jonvey Salon Fashion Show


One of my pet peeves is when fashion photographers – or photographers who happen to be photographing
fashion – use giant camera lenses to zoom in on the action. I think that’s a load bullcrap. I think fashion
should be experienced up close, and not through your telephoto lens. Fashion is experienced at arms length
where you can touch, feel, and grope all you want. Basically, fashion photography isn’t for the shy and timid.
You need to man up and GET IN THERE! (that’s what she said)

Another reason why I photograph so closely is because in real life, that’s how we interact with outfits.
When you see a person in front of you wearing something beautiful, your eye doesn’t just take one big
look, and boom, you’re done – NO! Your eyeballs scan the outfit piece by piece, one at a time, observing
the details:

The texture of Lace (Wedding dresses by Amy Jo)

The way a piece of fabric is draped

A head of golden hair (hair by Jonvey Salon)

A cinched waistline (designs by Alyssa Nicole)

A flash of color

A beautiful face (makeup by Necia Whitmore)

An intricate nail

Check out these nails! It’s pickle surprise meets Hello Kitty! These well manicured fingernails belong
to Sindy, the artist responsible for many of the model’s nails. But fear not! A trip to her shop doesn’t
have to result in a Liberace themed manicure. She can also do more simple, subtle designs. *whew!*

If you take the time to look, and to allow your eye to wander as freely as a homeless man wanders through
the city, you can spot some very unusual, or quirky things. And who knows! You might even run into
something very hidden, yet lovely at the same time.



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2 responses to “The Details: Jonvey Salon Fashion Show

  1. matias

    hey! where do i see the rest of the photos? :D

  2. Omg, I just love your fashion choices in these posts…Devine!!!

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