Beautiful Stranger (HD Video)

Challenge: Make a stylish video to show off the designers clothes.

The models are wearing dresses at night, in the cold (50 F/10 C.)
You have about 2 minutes with each model. No more, but probably less.

Luckily, I managed to pull it off. Soooo… what do you think? This videoshoot
was actually pretty spontaneous. I initially recorded the runway but due to the
congested venue which took place in a choked hallway in an office building, the
video turned out a bit clunky.

With the wind blowing beautifully into the model’s hair, I wanted to capture the
essence of being taken away by someone’s beauty. To be engulfed, and swept away
by the beauty of their presence. Not their face, or their body, but the fact that
they’re there, and you are here… watching them as if they were a bird, or a swan,
dancing and moving gracefully into the atmosphere.

“The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”
– Andy Warhol


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4 responses to “Beautiful Stranger (HD Video)

  1. sorry fb decided to crap out on me. i feel like we havent talked in forever!! hope all is well – lmk about your upcoming projects.


  2. Travis

    Wow… Great Job fb… what camera, resolution and frame rate did you use? Great DOF throughout!
    If you used an HDSLR did you use a prime 50mm lens?
    I like your other work as well!

    • The Falco

      All of this was shot on my Canon 7D, 50mm 1.8, at 30 fps (although, I did slow it down in Adobe Premiere.) However, I accidentally left my camera on aperture priority (Av), so my ISO went as high as 3200 – which is why some of the shots have a lot of noise.

      And thanks for the compliments, Travis! :DD

  3. jenny z

    d00d i just saw this video… gorgeous moments~ i definitely felt the ‘swept away’, especially from the ladies who werent posing and seemed like they just happened to be there. It’s such and interesting subject to explore too: the beauty of someone whom you don’t know at all, and how different things become more dominantly beautiful as you get to know the person~~

    i really like the song too… so pretty ^^

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