It’s Bryan Boy! (the San Francisco version): Jonvey Salon, San Francisco

HOLY SHIT! IT’S BRYAN BOY! Well… he looks a lot less harmful than Bryan Boy, but he definitely
has the same vibe goin on. Now, I’m not saying this guy is biting off Bryan Boy’s style – for all we know,
he could be Bryan Boy’s muse – but I do think he’s doing a twist on it. It’s Bryan Boy in a less
Gaudy, almost wearable way. It’s Bryan Man!

I mean personally, I think Bryan Boy is the shit, and for him to be backstage talking to models, meeting
with designers, and probably having lunch with Marc Jacobs himself, is impressive – especially
for a blogger. Not only did this guy rock the Bryan Boy hairstyle and shoes, he also had the sunglasses.

(I overheard this guy talking to one of the guests at the show)
Girl: OMG! I love your sunglasses! Chanel?
Bryan Man: Oh no, it’s Marc Jacobs.


With the fashion scene in the bay area growing, it’s nice to see designers
and bloggers coming together, mixing the bowl, and creating something
reputable out of this liberal epicenter/cultural bonanza we call San Francisco.

In terms of fashion power, we’re no New York. Hopefully we can get there, or
at the very least, compete, but hey! At least we have our very own Bryan
Boy! That’s a start, right?

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One response to “It’s Bryan Boy! (the San Francisco version): Jonvey Salon, San Francisco

  1. you didn’t ask him what shoes he’s wearing? i need to know!!! and now im on the hunt for those sunnies but obvi some fakes muahaha


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