In The Mood For [Ruv]: De Anza College, Cupertino

HERRO! ^_^

I know it’s Chinese/Vietnamese New Year but you know what? F*CK IT! I’m gonna write a Haiku poem

Three Asian Outfits.
Beautiful, Like a Blossom.
Egg Rolls Are Tasty.

Okay but seriously, I never cared for Chinese dresses/outfits. Part of me just felt like “OH GAWD! That’s so
damn… ASIAN!” But after watching Wong Kar Wai’s (beautifully filmed) “In The Mood For Love“, I fell in love
with these classic garments. The way the dress hugs the hips… the way it protects a Woman’s shoulders… and
the overall shape that seems to drape the body like silk running down your skin.

It’s easy to get lost in the vivid prints and exotic colors. With so much to look at your eyes start to zig-zag and
you wind up ignoring the piece altogether. But if you stop trying so hard to analyze and critique, you’ll witness
an amazing spectacle: details and hues that burst at the seams. Colors that explode so bright that they seem to
hit the back of your eyeballs like a ribbon of firecrackers crackling in the night.

Speaking of firecrackers…

Dear Neighbors,


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