Project San Francisco (NOW IN COLOR!): The Summit (Mission District), San Francisco

Me: Hey Owen!
Owen: What’s up?
Me: How many photographers are coming?
Owen: Ummm… about 10.
Me: … Nice!

Theoretically, I should have been ripping my eyebrow hair out and shouting to the heavens “WHYYY GOD,
WHY?!” More photographers = Everyone taking identical pictures. But of course, here comes me in my
rebellious nature, using this as an opportunity to try and be different from the rest. Unfortunately, I only
got a handful of photographs because 99% of the time, I was shooting video.

But hey! I was the only photographer backstage (aside from Del Geronimo, but he
doesn’t count because he’s Owen’s brother :P)

Fashion Philosophy 101: To Flash, or not to Flash, that is the question!

About a month ago, I spent over $400 on a brand new external flash (Hooray to buying camera equipment
instead of feeding myself!) Flash in hand, I started to take pictures at the show and I realized… “Do I really
wanna be that guy?” That annoying, paparazzi-esque, overly invasive, I’m-actually-taking-pictures-of-your
-panties kind of photographer? No, I do not.

But one of the primary reasons why I chose not to flash people (quit thinking dirty thoughts!) was because
flash gives off a very different vibe, and it often alters the original mood of the original event. These pictures,
though tweaked to add a bit of contrast and exposure, are pretty much what you would have seen during
the show. So if the show was dark and moody, my pictures will be the same.

I love the colors in this outfit. With the red nail polish and blue outfit, I feel like I’m in a 1950’s commercial
for kitchen appliances… SUPER!

What do the colors of this picture remind you of? Anything familiar?
Anything like, perhaps, apples? Or candy? Or maybe… COMMUNISM?! The
Soviet Union?! OH JEEBUS! What has this blog come to?!

Honestly, I think that a lot of people in fashion are full of shit. Not necessarily
the people making fashion, but rather, those who are in “love” with it. The
yuppy idiot who consumes fashion magazines like a crack addict; always
looking for their next glittery fix. Or the shoe shopper who buys every damn
pair of heels but fails to appreciate the artistry of just one.

In my opinion, not all fashion is good. Even high end brands that showcase
at New York fashion week can be pretty shitty. But we’re so blind that we
drool over anything with a label on it.

Okay, I’m done ranting. See you guys in a few more days with my next post!
Enjoy the rain!…. NAAAAAAHT!

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