Seeing Clearly: Backstage at En Vogue

So I walked upstairs and I saw a butt-load of gorgeous models standing around, having their photos taken.
Most of them were waiting in line to get Del Geronimized, while others were having their makeup done.
As three or so photographers were flashing away at the white backdrop, I looked around the room, and
started to think.


Me: Excuse me, can I borrow you for a second?

Snap snap, and I take the shot above. Doesn’t she look so 1950’s domestic housewife?

Here’s the thing with models: They either have it, or they don’t. And by “it”, what I mean is, their ability to
listen to directions. I swear, sometimes I feel like some models are legally brain-dead. I’ll shout out
directions like “Okay Tommy, put your right hand over your chin” and instead, he’ll start breakdancing.

But of course, in the end, the photographer is responsible for the final product. You might be working with
top quality models like Sun Fei Fei or Rojam Wang, but if your photography skills are comparable
to that of a monkey flinging his poop, well then, you sir, are f*cked.

And part of being a decent fashion photographer is being able to see things. You need to be able to pick
from a sea of models, the right one, the perfect one – the one who you believe has it – who can deliver
the goods. If you can weave through the clutter and find that pot of gold, you’ll find yourself in a land
of good work. But hey!  That’s just my personal opinion ^_^

I‘ll be posting my video from En Vogue later this week –  so stay tuned, kids ;)

**UPDATE** The Video from En Vogue has been canceled. Sorry!



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2 responses to “Seeing Clearly: Backstage at En Vogue

  1. Jen

    I love your sass in your posts <3

    oh, and you're super cute.

    • The Falco

      *pinches self*

      Thank you, Darth Jen :)


      p.s. I'll need to dedicate an entire post to your personal style. I really love the way you dress.

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