Downtown With Necia Whitmore: My Super Awesome Make-Up Artist

Many Moons Ago, On The Set Of My First Shoot

Necia: Hey Ranier
Ranier: Yes?
Necia: I’m updating my website and I was wondering if you could do some
headshots for me.
Me: Sure!

And that my friends, was pretty much the entire conversation. There really
wasn’t any convincing left because honestly, I love doing shoots. But from the
description, it seemed as if Necia wanted regular headshots. Hell, I was even
concerned that she wanted such regularity that they were borderline mugshots.

But as always, I had to put my spin on it.

One of the things that I loved about this shoot was how organic it came about.
Sure, there was some posing involved but it never came to the point where I
was monopolizing her entire body movements, telling her which pinky to
stick up. I just spewed out general directions, and she churned out greatness.

The wonderful thing about portraits is that, if done right, you can see an
entire landscape of who your subject is. You can pin-point certain emotions,
certain expressions, and various tones of their personality, all hidden
underneath. What are they like? Are they heart-broken? Madly in love?
Or are they simply a young, fragile soul, still blossoming at every corner?

What’s impressive was that, as we were shooting in downtown San Francisco,
we couldn’t go ten minutes without someone throwing compliments at her,
left and right. From “You look gorgeous, by the way” to “DAYUM, work IT!”
But hey! I can’t blame em! She did indeed work it – and she looks so elegant
and refined. She possesses the kind of beauty that only comes from classic
stars: Rita Hayworth, Julie London, and Billie Holiday. She has a look that
makes you say “Now that is a Woman.”

Hailing from New York, Necia started doing make-up out of pure interest.
As one job lead to the next, she managed to work on T.V shows, fashion
runways, and just about every kind of production you can think of.

Wanting a change in scenery, she moved to San Francisco in the hopes of
finding new business. Unfortunately, the fashion biz in San Francisco ain’t
as boomin as New York. But no worries! She’s a very talented woman who
we will see much more of in the near future. But if you can’t wait, feel free
to contact her for business by visiting her website yourself ;)


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