En Vogue (HD Video): The Fashion Video You Didn’t See

This post – the very one that you are reading right now – shouldn’t even exist. As a matter of fact, I’m still
debating about whether or not to hit the publish button. The truth is: sometimes, the work you put it in
doesn’t live up to your expectations. You wanted pearls and gold? Well too bad – you’ve got a handful of rocks.

However, I decided to post the video because I WANT you to see my screw ups. I WANT you to see that
I’ve messed up, and that I’m trying to improve. I WANT to look back at this and think “Good job, idiot –
now make another video, but do it 400 times better!”

While Driving To The Fashion Event, “En Vogue…”

As I was driving to the San Francisco Auditorium, a van made an (illegal) right turn while I was going forward.
Just then, I smashed onto the breaks, and BAM!… Nothing happened to my car, but why did my car made a
thud? As I look down, I see that my camera has smacked against the dashboard. Frantic to see if my equipment
was okay, I noticed that the body had remained untouched (hooray for my 7D!) but the lens was completely
(for lack of a better term) f*cked.

So there you go. I had an hour and a half till showtime, and the only lens I brought was completely busted.
What next? Oh, no biggie! Just walk 3 miles to the nearest camera store and rent a new lens! So off I went,
came back, sweaty as hell, and I still managed to get some pretty good shots.

But it didn’t come as a surprise that, although my borrowed lens was nice (50mm 1.4), it did not feel right. I
wasn’t used to using it, which is why there is a significant amount of camera shake. But alas, here is the video:

**Don’t forget to watch it in HD (720p)!**

You see… I wasn’t planning on posting the video because personally, I found a lot of screw ups in the
editing and shooting of the video. I mean, it’s still a good video, but it’s definitely “C” quality work. And as all
of you know, an Asian can NOT have a C!

In the end, what really pushed me to not post this video was not myself, but actually, the people around me.
Sometimes, no matter how much work you put into things, the people you work for just won’t appreciate it.
They’re the types that value quantity over quality, and in the end, you’re just another brick in their one toned

But no worries! I have bigger and better things to come. Till then, happy shooting :)


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2 responses to “En Vogue (HD Video): The Fashion Video You Didn’t See

  1. Well, I thought it was good. If wouldn’t have known it was “C” material if you didn’t tell me.

  2. We have a few events we’re coordinating…..we need a photographer/ videographer. All the images and video would be shared….everything thats used for print or news media….you will get credit for…..we work with students from the Bay Area to help them network and get their work out there…..let us know if you are interested in some work for your portfolio/resume/referral. We have a fashion show this Friday in Oakland. We had people back out on us at the last moment.

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