Business As Usual: At The San Francisco State University Fashion Show

Okay, I’ll be 100% honest with you: This fashion show was not the best I’ve seen. In other words, some of
the clothes were actually, kinda sorta, maybe, under certain circumstances, a bit on the uglier side of
things. But I mean hey! Everyone is a winner, right?! *cricket-cricket*

So, with that in mind, here are some of the looks/details that I DID like; although, there were definitely
outfits that I liked but didn’t get a chance to photograph.

I wonder what this guy is thinking: “What is thy purpose in life!?”

Ahhh! Watch out! It’s a dementor! It’s an evil, soul sucking– oh wait, nvm ^-^

This outfit was actually one of my favorites. It wasn’t the most technical outfit, nor was it the most creative,
but it was definitely among the most wearable. Because in the end, no matter how much you love that
Chanel Couture collection, there’s no way in hell you’re gonna wear it to the supermarket – unless you’re
Lady Gaga.

OH SNAP! IT’S THE HAMBURGLAR! Hahahaha! Okay, Ranier, focus! Stop monkeying around! :o)

“This outfit-suh is like-uh SOOO comfortable-suh!”

Holy crap! Isn’t that the guy from Dancing With The Stars, Tony Dovolani?! Please, Tony! Do a move
for us! Wow us with your dancing abilities! Aside from this guy being one stylish mofo, he actually
approached me because he wanted a shot of my outfit for his blog. You sir, have impeccable taste!

As always, this Mr. Hector lookin stylish, as if  he owns the damn place. Although I must admit: I’m a bit
surprised he isn’t wearing one of those unique bow ties that he usually wears…

Overall, the show was pretty cool. I can’t really cap on it too much because in all honesty, I can’t even knit
myself a damn tube sock. However, from an analytic perspective, there were definitely good pieces, and
bad ones. Not only that, but I’m actually attending San Francisco State in the fall, so GO SFSU!

Lesson of the day: This girl has really cute hair.

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