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Eyes Without A Face: Backstage At The Black V Fashion Show – The Mission, San Francisco

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Old Hollywood: Backstage At The Black V Fashion Show

After mulling over the images for a few days, I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming 1920’s vibe.
Everything about the show (or at least, everything backstage) felt so… classic. The makeup, the hair,
the styling, and even the attitudes. The only thing that wasn’t specifically 1920’s were the clothes.

I now present to you, in lovely Black and White, the story of Black V!

**In order to enjoy this experience even more, please listen to this song while
viewing the images**

Click Here: Gershwin – Rhapsody In Blue

How are ya dahhhlin’?”

Madam, I am terribly sorry but you can not go to zee Opera!”
But vy?! Singing on stage is my PASH-YONE!”

Oh, Felipe! Why? WHY?! Why did you leave me for Madame Jaqueline?!
Is my love not strong enough? Have we grown apart? Please, I beg of you,
love me, and only me!”

Muahaha! You sink you are ze star of ze show?! HA! I am Madam
Jaqueline, and I am now and forever ze Opera queen!”

(Side Note: Isn’t this girl PERFECT for silent films? I mean come on! That face is PERFECT for
the silver screen!)

But, but! What is this thing?! Are you from the future?!”
Yes. I need your boots, your clothes, and your motorcycle”

*Sorry, I had to :)

Now shweet hot, I told ya to give me passion! I need fire in those eyes, ya

Did you attend Monsieur Felipe’s party last week? Oh, it was DIVINE!”


Herro! ^0^

…to be continued…

*No seriously, I have more pictures for you, but I’ll post them later this week :P

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The Dark Side Of The Moon: The 2011 Academy of Art University Fashion Show, SOMA, San Francisco

Fun Fact: Prior to my fashion blogging, there was actually a time in my life when I wanted to become a
fashion designer. Now, this was probably due to my obsession with Project Runway, but that’s a completely
different conversation.

During my fashion designer phase, I looked into various art schools to pursue that “dream.” In the bay area,
there are two options as far as schools: The Art Institute and The Academy of Art. The idea was that AI
was the fun (yet expensive) school where the real creatives went. It was viewed as the Apple of local
art schools while AA was Microsoft.

In contrast, AA was painted as the devil’s den. It was, from the point of view of many people (including my
High School Art Teacher), painted as some kind of neo-nazi, Orwellian Art School for communists. So to
finally come to an AA fashion show was a treat. Not only was I able to sit with the rest of the pro
photographers, I also had a chance to see if The Academy of Art was really like a page from 1984.


I‘ll admit: when I saw this powerful image, I started to become a bit concerned. But once the show started, I was
proven very… very wrong.

One of the things that I noticed about this show was that, instead of going for
that couture look, most of the designers actually chose the practical yet
highly wearable route. This was a very refreshing approach in contrast to
the other shows I’ve been to in San Francisco.

It’s Sil Pat meets Austin Powers!

I absolutely LOVE this designer. I love how he/she treated the fabrics. It
almost looks as if they were set on fire then blown out, revealing a half burnt
outfit. Very awesome, and I would TOTALLY wear a shirt from them!

This show didn’t have any fancy hats nor crazy bags, but they did have some really great prints.

I wasn’t lucky enough to touch this piece, but from looking at it, my mind just screams out “BUTTERY SMOOTH!”

I gotta hand it to the designers at AA: they did a phenomenal job. The actual
show was very entertaining, all of the models had amazing walks/looks, the
music selection was on-point, the timing was quick and efficient, and most
importantly, the clothes were wearable and visually orgasmic. If this is a sign
of things to come from The Academy of Art, then shit, count me in!

Great job, AA – you proved us all wrong.

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Fashionable Monsters: SOMA, San Francisco

The lights were turned low, and the cameramen/women were shooting off beams of light to illuminate the
dark figures of fashion. Realizing that I too needed flash, I scrambled through the crowd to find my camera
bag — then it hit me.

What’s the point of having a Canon 7D if I’m not willing to push it to the limit? External flash?
FUGETABOUTIT! These babies were cranked to 3,200 ISO.

The Wicked Witch:



The Bride of Frankenstein:

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The [Hair] Of Slytherin: SOMA, San Francisco

What can I say about Michael that hasn’t already been said about AC Slater, flying cars, and finding spare
dollars in your washed up jeans? Not only is he a second time star on, he’s also a damn
genius when it comes to style.

To pull off a Black on Black outfit requires a lot of experience/style: You need to have perfect layering, a sense
of the which blacks you want (yes, there’s more than just one Black), a firm knowledge of textures, and you also
need the attitude to match.

Ya know what’s strange? From what I’ve seen, actual fashion designers dress pretty normal. Sure, they do
inject a good amount of style into their personal wardrobe but it is the non-designers who come off as
most stylish. Michael, a Fashion Marketing student, is no exception.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and how clean they keep em. To me, a person who is
comfortable in their scuffed shoes is often a person at ease with their own self. Allowing one’s shoes to age
gracefully is like saying that you’re comfortable in your own skin – be it your own human skin, or a chunk of
sleek leather boots.

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The Purple Ghost: Backstage At The Constituent Paris Fashion Show, SOMA, San Francisco

I‘m not sure why but whenever I cover a fashion show, my automatic
response is to go backstage and photograph the models.

I don’t know about you but to me, there’s something very magical about that
setting. It feels like you’re in the basement of The Roman Collesseum. You
don’t really do much – you just sit there and admire the warriors as they
prepare for battle.

You observe their true selves because once those gates open and they’re
released from their cage, there’s nothing but stoicism on their face. So to
actually see them in their normal, pre-battle expressions is actually
quite remarkable. It’s like watching a flame as it gets bigger and bigger.

Fun fact: The vivid purple and blue colors in these pictures are completely
au-natural. Aside from a few minor alterations in contrast, the rest was left
as is.

Before the show, I noticed the entire staff acting extraordinarily calm. No frantic fashion designers, no crying
models, and no cornball photographers making the models do this pose. (yuck!) It really speaks volumes
about the organization, and the sheer talent of these individuals. Who needs nerves and fear when you’ve
got skills?

When I’m backstage, I’m a ghost: I stay in one spot for a few seconds, then I move on to the next target. I
try to stay as invisible as possible. And when my subjects find me I simply tell them “just pretend like
I’m not here” and like that… beautiful things happen.

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Too Legit To Quit: SOMA, San Francisco

Have you ever experienced something so coincidental you just had to
ask yourself “Was that real?”

Last Thursday, I came up to San Francisco to cover a fashion show. Prior
to the show, I decided to take a little detour downtown to hopefully snag
a few extra shots. As I turned the corner, I saw one of my good friends
(and previous celebrity of this blog) waiting at the bus stop.

With his stellar record of near perfect outfits, I can say without
hesitation that Randy is one of the most stylish, well refined
guys in the city.

I mean come on guys… COME ON! The bowtie is classic, the jacket fits sooo
damn well, and what’s that? A Gucci cover for his laptop? That’s like drinking
diamonds out of a diamond goblet!

Materialism aside, Randy is also one of the most genuine, humble guys I’ve
met in the San Francisco art scene. His weapon of choice? Interior Design.
If this is any indication of things come, I can assure you that, for every time
I bump into Randy, there will be a post about him on this blog.

Yea, he’s that legit.


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If You Got Style, Prove It: De Anza College, Cupertino

During my first week of speech class, a girl came up to the podium and said “So yea, as you may already
know, I’m kinda fashionable…”

At that moment, I sat back in my chair thinkin “Who does she think she is?! You can’t just say it,
you have to prove it!”…..

so she did….

Consider me a changed man… HALLELUJAH!

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