Too Legit To Quit: SOMA, San Francisco

Have you ever experienced something so coincidental you just had to
ask yourself “Was that real?”

Last Thursday, I came up to San Francisco to cover a fashion show. Prior
to the show, I decided to take a little detour downtown to hopefully snag
a few extra shots. As I turned the corner, I saw one of my good friends
(and previous celebrity of this blog) waiting at the bus stop.

With his stellar record of near perfect outfits, I can say without
hesitation that Randy is one of the most stylish, well refined
guys in the city.

I mean come on guys… COME ON! The bowtie is classic, the jacket fits sooo
damn well, and what’s that? A Gucci cover for his laptop? That’s like drinking
diamonds out of a diamond goblet!

Materialism aside, Randy is also one of the most genuine, humble guys I’ve
met in the San Francisco art scene. His weapon of choice? Interior Design.
If this is any indication of things come, I can assure you that, for every time
I bump into Randy, there will be a post about him on this blog.

Yea, he’s that legit.


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3 responses to “Too Legit To Quit: SOMA, San Francisco

  1. Bria

    I swear…there is nothing better than a well-dressed guy with a great personality. It’s always a bonus if he’s in the art scene. Absolutely stunning pictures, Ranier

    By the way, do you mind if I use some pics for my fashion project? They would be perfect inspiration for my collection.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the bow tie!

  3. Leslie

    It’s such a pleasure to know this Man!! And he’s such a genuine guy………

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