The Purple Ghost: Backstage At The Constituent Paris Fashion Show, SOMA, San Francisco

I‘m not sure why but whenever I cover a fashion show, my automatic
response is to go backstage and photograph the models.

I don’t know about you but to me, there’s something very magical about that
setting. It feels like you’re in the basement of The Roman Collesseum. You
don’t really do much – you just sit there and admire the warriors as they
prepare for battle.

You observe their true selves because once those gates open and they’re
released from their cage, there’s nothing but stoicism on their face. So to
actually see them in their normal, pre-battle expressions is actually
quite remarkable. It’s like watching a flame as it gets bigger and bigger.

Fun fact: The vivid purple and blue colors in these pictures are completely
au-natural. Aside from a few minor alterations in contrast, the rest was left
as is.

Before the show, I noticed the entire staff acting extraordinarily calm. No frantic fashion designers, no crying
models, and no cornball photographers making the models do this pose. (yuck!) It really speaks volumes
about the organization, and the sheer talent of these individuals. Who needs nerves and fear when you’ve
got skills?

When I’m backstage, I’m a ghost: I stay in one spot for a few seconds, then I move on to the next target. I
try to stay as invisible as possible. And when my subjects find me I simply tell them “just pretend like
I’m not here” and like that… beautiful things happen.

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