What If I Worked At The Food Court? + My Feelings About Working In Retail

A few weeks ago as I was walking through the food court on my lunch break, a man from the “Japanese”
restaurant was handing out samples of Teriyaki chicken to people passing by. I picked up the piping chunk of
greasy meat and shoved it into my mouth. Just then, a peculiar thought crossed my mind: what would it be
like to work in a food service job? Better yet, what would it be like to work at the local food court?

I wonder what it’s like to be in that position. To work in a place where all you do is one thing, and one thing only:
serve a single type of food, over, and over, and over again. In my mind, the monotony of this type of labor must
kill your brain cells in a slow yet explosive rhythm. I mean come on! How many is too many burger flips before
your go ape shit on your customers whilst chucking frozen patties at their screaming faces.

“Quick! Somebody call the mall police! A crazed Asian man is tossing frozen patties of death at
the children! Paul
Blart, where are you?!”

But maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe for some, it starts to become so routine that you start doing your job out of
sheer reflex. Maybe the Subway Sandwich artists become so engulfed in the… erm… art?… of making sammiches
that they simply make it without even thinking (or looking?!) On goes auto-pilot mode and zip! Eight hours go
by and you’ve successfully dipped 436 corn dogs, all while curling up inside that corner of your brain where you
go to escape.

I‘m thankful that I have the job that I have, but in some respects… I’m starting to feel that sense of monotony. As
of now, my job is one that rewards me for my ability to sell an already manufactured idea. To me, that’s not good
enough. To me, I want a job where I will be paid to create my own ideas, and my own concepts. I want a job where
my position is of my own, and I am the specialist. I don’t want anyone to tell me how to do it, or why I’m doing it
in the first place. Call me ignorant, or egotistical, or immature, but in my mind and heart, I know how much I’m
worth. I know the capabilities of my brain and the impact that I want to create in this world. My potential is much
too large to fit inside a simple cash register. I cannot, and will not be quantified by numbers, or sales figures.

Call me crazy, but I am one of those lunatics who thinks he can change the world… and I will.



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4 responses to “What If I Worked At The Food Court? + My Feelings About Working In Retail

  1. i agree. life is too short to hand out chicken samples. if you want to do something than do it. plus if you get famous i can be all hype and tell people that i know you

  2. I once worked at a fast food joint. I’ll never forget the monotonous and discordant sound the fry machine made whenever the fries were done. It’s enough to make you go mad. I’ll never do food services again. And yes, you’re worth more.

  3. Jason

    It’s okay.. for a part-time job, if you’re in school, and/or it’s your first job. The hours can be radically and immediately adjusted if needed and the tips may just boost your “min wage” to a decent wage. I saved so much money with free food, also. The experience can be beneficial if you handle yourself right and professionally. First year of college down, 3 years/2 degrees to go. CAJUN GRILL FOR LIFE!

  4. Karolina

    “Call me crazy, but I am one of those lunatics who thinks he can change the world… and I will.” I love this sentence. I’m similar in this way. I move out from my country to Ireland. In that time I didn’t think like this. All what was in my mind was my boyfriend. I put all my dreams about myself over him. Why? Because I loved him. Now I know that I only admired him, nothing else. But thanks to him I landed in Dublin and move out to small town. I need to say “thank you” to him because I gained some experience in my life and now I know what I want to do so. I believe that actually girl like me can change something all someone. I believe that I can help someone to realize their dreams earlier and I hope that I will be able to help them to achieve them. That’s why I decided two months ago that is time to move out further and I put my paper in my work (I am working in discount super store) for international transfer. Everyone said to me, that this is stupid because I can’t be sure what will happen to me over there. They right. I don’t know. I am scared like a small child, but I know that if I will don’t do this right now I will stuck in this small town for my entire life. Never. I got transfer. I’m moving to London in two months. Going to do Japanese and Korean language curses over there. And next year I plan to back to college and get higher degree then I have now. Where I plan to be in 3-4 years? Definitely no in super market or restaurant. Charity – this is were I want to be. And I will be there. I believe in this and I will do everything to do that. Helping child in other side of world. I can help them and make their life better.
    So I will cheer you! Make something big in your life and pass this to others!

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