Fat Loss Miracle or Mirage? My Thoughts on “Slenderiix” the Magic Weight Loss Method

In the past two months I’ve noticed a handful of people posting before-and-after photos of their AMAZING weight loss transformation. “Now you see fat? *VIOLA!* Now you don’t!” But being the hardcore skeptic that I am, I started to look into all these overnight skinnies and wondered, “what the hell are they doing to lose this weight?”

Apparently, there’s a homeopathic “product” being used called “Slenderiix” where all you need to do is plop a few drops of magic water on your tongue, follow a specific diet and POOF! You’ll go from Gary Busey to George Clooney in snap. Yet for some odd reason, all of the people who have lost weight from using this “product” seem to be losing it at an ALARMINGLY FAST rate. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday so I understand the ploy behind many of these bullshit products:

1. Create a product that does NOTHING to the user. No risks involved/no benefits
2. Say that in order for the product to work, you MUST FOLLOW A STRICT DIET, as if the diet will somehow team-up with the product to create a SUPER PRODUCT!
3. Restrict the calorie intake to concerning levels, bordering on malnutrition
4. Make exercising OPTIONAL
5. Stick finger up asses of customers
6. Make it rain.

But the more I tried to research “Slenderiix” (or the company that makes it, Ariix) the more I noticed how UNANIMOUSLY POSITIVE all the reviews were. There’s hardly a negative comment in existence. Now, I’ve been using the INTERNETZ for quite some time and from my experience, there is NOTHING in this world that is that loved and cherished on the internet. Hell, even the beloved Cat picture has its share of haters — so why does this “product” seem invincible from the gamma rays of the almighty trolls of the internet?

Then, a burst of light gleamed from a crack in the system and revealed the ugly truth:

This is another one of those bullshit multi-level marketing companies that sells to their customers while “recruiting” them to sell to their friends. Because of course, if you’re buying into a pile of bullshit you might as well pull your friends into the mess so you can all enjoy, right? Ignorance loves company and this Ariix crap is no different from the phony shit sold from USANA or scAMWAY.

Look, at the end of the day, we are all free to consume whatever Chinese medicine/homeopathic infused moon crystals we desire. If it makes you skinnier, great; If it gives you a full head of luscious hair, fantastic; If it makes you feel like your dick is growing 12 inches a month, hooray! However, I do think there’s a greater issue at hand that does need to be addressed and that is the deformed relationship between greed and insecurity.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with your pot belly and man boobs. If that’s who you are, then embrace it. If you want to change it, go for it. Go for a nice jog around the park, start lifting weights and quit sneaking into Carls Jr late at night to have a midnight rendezvous with a double western cheeseburger (which I admit to doing more than once.) But when companies like Ariix or USANA try to sell you unregulated products — most of which aren’t FDA approved or doctor approved — you have to ask yourself, “what am I getting myself into? What are the long term ramifications of taking this thing?” I mean honestly, most of these weight loss miracles are probably 99% water and 1% 7-UP so I don’t think you’ll be growing tentacle arms any time soon, but you should still wonder…

I guess my problem with these companies is that they’re selling you a product that claims to help you lose weight yet in reality, its the dieting and exercise that does the work — not the product. They’re not selling miracle drugs, they’re selling lies . Bold face lies. And although the alternative of eating well and working out simply cannot be bundled into an effective advertisement, I somehow find myself strangely in approval of these products. Maybe they work because they employ the same tactics that are used by parents everywhere to convince their children to eat more veggies: by hiding the peas and carrots inside the mashed potatoes and pizza, the kids THINK they’re getting something fantastic when in reality, the truth is burried underneath. And though we are old enough to do our research and figure out what is in these products that we’re buying, like that ignorant child we once were, we choose to believe that we’re eating magic mashed potatoes and gravy that our parents claim will make us run faster and jump higher. We choose to not question what we’re given because we want to believe that miracles do exist and that there is hope somewhere beneath our flabby stomach.

In this crushing economy where graduate students with Masters degrees on top of Masters degrees can’t get a job flipping burgers to save their broke ass, sometimes you need that boost in confidence. And you know what? Perhaps that is all Slenderiix does. It’s the confidence that if I take this miracle water, I’ll succeed in losing this weight and maybe, just maybe, I might look good enough to be hired for a job… or find a girlfriend… or feel like I love myself. Perhaps these are the things that we need most in times of uncertainty: a little bit of hope, a few cups of confidence and a gallon of disregard.


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  1. lovestospooge

    Hello… Steve Fox…

    I agree with what you’re saying, the product “worked” for me but it’s more of a hunger suppressant and that’s what really makes you lose weight. But when calories are that low you are going to lose fat… and muscle… I lost a lot of strength being on the product. Because I was recommended NOT to work out while on it for best results. And that just made my muscles atrophy to the point where I couldn’t bench 135 pounds.

    JACK 5

    • Hello there!

      I agree with some of your comments, but not all, obviously.
      First, your “b*******multi-level marketing companies ” comment was noticed. Tweak the term “multi-level marketing companies” a bit, and you get the business model for most major American and international businesses; levels of management and labor and products being sold at all levels.
      While we have no knowledge of the source of your beliefs, I encourage you to read the Bible sometime….The essence of this business “multi-level
      marketing” model is described in the book of Exodus; so this model is quite legitimate.

      Your comment ” its the dieting and exercise that does the work — not the product ” is erroneous. I tried this diet and exercise mindset for 7 to 9 years and I could not lose more than 15 pounds. Once I tried the Ariix program, the weight came off and I am keeping it off. That was 4 years ago.

      Finally, your “unregulated products — most of which aren’t FDA approved or doctor approved ” is curious. Most of the doctors I have met and worked with
      are not trained to get people healthy; they are trained for drugs, surgeries, procedures, therapy, etc.; they want the repeat business from their patients.
      The FDA: they are a joke. Most of the drugs they approve do not work (look at their Physicians Desk reference book; it is full of drugs that may be dangerous to a person’s health). Go to a chain grocery store: look at all of the food items that they sell (that are largely regulated) that will ultimately harm the health of people. Soda pop, candy, processed breads, meats, fruits, vegetables, snacks, bottled drinking water are all regulated (to some degree),
      yet they will not produce good health for the consumer. Scary.

      Friend, seek wisdom first.

      • Anonymous

        Well said!

        • Anonymous

          BRAVO. Your words are so true. The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are crooked than, like my father use to say, than a three dollar bill. Anything that is NOT approved by the FDA means crap as far as I am concerned but then again, I believe in homeopathic alternative medical treatment and not poisonous drugs with a bazillion side effects including death. Oh yes, sign me up for that one!!! I believe Homeopaths and Naturopaths treat the problems ailing people vs. the symptoms. I have not tried this product, however, I am thinking about it since it’s a derivative of homeopathic ingredients. Anyone who thinks diet and exercise works for everyone hasn’t talk to the many people who still struggle, such as myself. I am 51 with hormone imbalances and have eating right and exercising for years and I cannot move the needle on the scale or inches. In general, a person who has not used the product should be in no position to give a review on a product. To knock a product down just because its sold through an MLM is just ridiculous because they are not all scams. The review lumps MLMs and the product together and one has nothing to do with the other. A legit review is written by someone who actually tried the product and not by someone who is anti MLMs. Well, that’s my opinion!

      • Mike

        I am always amazed at how people can decide on a product with out getting the facts first, and above all try out the product, I did and it has enabled me to loose weight when I was stuck, I am not saying that I didn’t have my doubts at times, but is it any surprise when there are bloggs written like this one
        it would seem in an angry way, sometimes just because of a misunderstanding or as a result of a poorly trained representative contacting people about something that is in fact very good, I can also say that the people who advised me did so in a very professional way, and guided me to get independent reports and proof, not wanting to be duped in to anything I used all the products based upon logic and as a result my joint pain, muscle pain and much much more has been reduced, enabling me to take excercise, I have also been educated by the guides pointed out to us from independent findings.
        I have to say I am completely happy with everything that Ariix as a company promotes, I am sure there is the odd dodgy sales person, just like there is in all .
        But it’s not been my experience, and as a result I have been very happy to promote the company and its products on to others , I am not a Blog type of guy yet, but I notice that some of the replays to the blog are very strongly written and I have to say I agree that we are all being led to believe that the system in place looks after us, when it clearly doesn’t.
        Supplements from many MLM companies are of excellent quality, I have now doubt that I am lighter fitter almost painless and happier than I have been for a number of years, due to the products and education of ariix independent MLM professionals, it’s time people realised that MLM is the best thing out there to help people have better lives.

  2. Anonymous

    The products so work as intended. They may be seen by you as a lose weight quick type of deal, but its more of a fast track to the right track. Although the calorie intake may be “alarmingly” low to you, The nutrition that we get from every day meals are no where near what we need. So vitamins are a must as well. I do find it highly hilarious that you even write a an article on your opinion based upon other products and how “you” think its just a scam or a quick way to get money from people. Do more research before you post information about something you barely know anything about. You may some details here and there, but you’re entirely missing the most accurate details otherwise. The products really do work and provide excellent results, whether you like it or not. For the person who said that they lost muscle and couldn’t bench much anymore, I think you got a little off track, rather not that it was suggested, it’s more of the fact it’s not required of you too. You can work out with this product no problem, maybe you were just misinformed, but if IOU DIDNT do anything when you were on it, there’s your problem right there.

    Please get your information straight. I read the whole thing and just laughed because you have no Idea what the product really provides because of your idea of “weight loss” as a natural way to lose it is just “run, diet, lift, job, walk, stairs, etc”. There’s plenty more ways to actually do it and I feel that you’re writing this off as you’re opinion instead of being really open to it. Just because “you” think it’s “not healthy” doesn’t mean it is.

    • Annonymous

      THank you! I’m a USANA user and have been looking for SLenderiix reviews and…you’re completely right. This article gives nothing ZERO scientifically-based arguments on why Slenderiix is bad or ineffective or a waste of money. I’ve seen quite a few friends who has used Slenderiix and they have thinned down tremendously. I don’t know the exact regimen that they follow but I’d say it’s probably like the recommended diet plan.

      I think The Falco here should have tried the experiment out before doing biased meta-analysis on ANY products. Try this. Fatten yourself up to 200lb. Then try to diet, run, jog, job, walk stairs, etc for 2 months. See how many lbs you lose. Then fatten yourself back up to 200lb again and follow the Slenderiix regiment for 2 months and compare the effects. That way, the post you’d be making then would be based on personal experience, rather than a load of unsupported claims you have about the product.

      If it works for you, then shut up about it and heck, you can even start your own business with it.
      If it didn’t work for you, you’d have more evidence to boast about your claim!
      It’s a WIN-WIN solution!

      Bottom line is…if you haven’t tried out the product and you’re only speaking out to fuel a fire for misunderstood claims, how can we trust your opinion?

      USANA user

      • Ritza

        Two Thumbs for both Anonymous!!! FALCO, Back up your opinion after you experiment with the product, until then, you’re just another talking head.
        I personally find the product too pricey, the diet food looks attractive & doable. I have tried many times to loose wait on my own strength but failed over & over. This program seems to have a good incentive with support that may work for me. It’s easier to burn fat when younger but I’m now 60 & desperate.

    • Andre

      We tried Slenderiix for our daughter. She lost some kg weight, but without slenderiix with the same diet she lost the same amount.
      It was really wasted money. So never Slenderiix for us again. Before we buyed the Slenderiix we couldn’t find negative reviews on the Internet.
      Thats’s why we bought the Slenderiix. Our daughter has a diet of about 1100 kCal per day and lost about 1,2 kg per week; independent of she used Slenderiix or not. I am sorry, but it’s the truth (I still have the invoices) and we are very disappointed. Arriix can I get my money back?

      • Maria

        They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

      • Rona Alexander

        If you did purchase Slenderiiz then you know there is a 100% money back guarantee. There were other supplements added to the program during the double bound placebo study. It is doctor approved.

        I released 107 pounds. I did not exercise or restrict calories. I did strictly follow the approved foods list. It is list of nourishing REALfoods that are low glycemic. The premise is to teach you about s healthy lifestyle.

        Unfortunately, Homeopathy, which is thousands of years old plant based medicine, is regulated by the FDA Fraud & Death Adminstration. They are the agency that calls big pharma synthetic drugs safe and later we find out their fatal side effects. I did not have 1 side effect! Zero! Zilch!! I got off of 5 prescriptions too! And I no longer go to the Dr every six weeks for ailments!

        • Anonymous

          Love that comment about the FDA “Fraud and Death Administration”. You are soooo right about that one!

          • Rona

            Thank you. Sometimes I do find other like minded people on these forums. It is crazy how some people get so hateful with their opinions and judge me harshly for my personal experience. I have learned to say next and move on. There is someone praying for my help right now and I am focused on trying to find them. :)

      • Kylie

        That the problem right there! If you eat less then 1250 calories a day you send your body into famine mode and yes you will lose weight and muscle but you will put it all back on! They have clinical trials which you can get your hands on that tested people doing diet and exercise alone and the ones doing it with the drops and the drops made people lose 2x the amount of weight! You have to have 1250 calories a day and if you exercise and burn off day 300 calories you need to eat 300 more calories that day! It’s also clinically proven to keep the weight off after you finish the drops! People do your research for Christ sakes

        • Kylie, i understand where you are coming from. I used to think that too. i met with a nutritionist who taught me about eating nutrient dense food that is not processed. For instance, you can eat 11 chips or a pound of broccoli and eat the same amount of calories. When our bodies are nourished we eat less volume of food. The Slenderiiz weight loss program teaches about healthy food choices, supplementation, adequate hydration and healthy food preparation. I have helped so many of my friends. Most have improved their health and released excess fat. Rarely, does some say they are hungry while following the program. Unlike many diets that bring rapid weight loss in the beginning and leave you looking gaunt and stuck at a plateau that can’t be busted so people quit, the Slenderiiz program actually draws compliments about the improvement of ones appearance and the weight loss of 12=16 pounds per month continue until you reach your goal weight. There was a clinical trial the average person released 12-16 pounds in 28 days. Your results may vary.

  3. Thanks, A very useful information .

  4. Anonymous

    From what I’ve seen, people lose weight on their stomach. Everything else almost remains the same. A pretty ugly and unnatural way to lose weight if you ask me…Don’t fall for the gimic. Lost weight the right way. Stay nutritious. Eat! Don’t starve yourself like those idiots!

    • KT

      I have tried the Ariix products and lost south weight easily! I normally would not write on a discussion like this but there are 15 of us who have all taken the product and NOT one of us were discouraged with the results or felt it was hard. It is an all natural product and Ariix has clinical studies to back up their claims so we felt we had nothing to lose with the money back guarantee… Except the weight! Your review is very inaccurate too!

      • Wendy

        The FDA does not have a definition for what natural should mean so that really has no bearing on whether it works or not.

        • Kel A

          Well said Wendy! I’m sure KT is an Usana or Ariix seller. They are nothing but robbers! Just listen to KT’s tune. Deny all you want KT, your a phony and so is this product. People need to lose weight the right way! This product is not the way. Thanks James for this post!

          • Kt

            I personally don’t sell the product but lost 50lbs on it after 6 months. My issue due to issues with cortisol..wasn’t able to take the xcelerate. The Slenderiiz not only worked but the weight is off 2YRS LATER! I would gladly pay for just the Slenderiiz if it’s available. I need to loose a little more weight. As a nurse it’s also stimulant free (slenderiix). I had tried lots of diets as well as lifestyle changes before and nothing. Unfortunately you see people want a quick fix to the over eating done for years. It took awhile to get over weight it will take a while to loose it. In fact they would sell the 2 bottles separately it would be great.

    • Lose weight on my stomach was great, i also lose weight from my butt, not so cool, but I have a long way to go yet.

    • Anonymous

      I have lost weight on the Ariix plan eating sensibly and at a very reasonable rate about 8 pounds per month. The healthy eating classes, the homeopathic drops and the great diet supplements are quality products. This is all founded upon a diet of low glycemic index foods. Healthy foods and I have not “starved” in any way shape or form. I was instructed to work with my doctor on adding exercise and coming off of medications as I worked through the Ariix plan. My doctor is very impressed with the program and I am now down over 20 pounds and off of 2 high blood pressure medicines. I am slowly adding sensible exercise as I work toward my weight loss goal of 67 pounds. I haven’t had a single moment where the team of Ariix leaders lead me to believe this was a magic program or that I would not have to work to lose the weight. But the goal of everyone involved has been my overall health first and what I weigh on a scale second. I feel better than I have in 5 years. My doctor is in complete agreement. If you are making an over riding claim that something is a hoax, you need to do more research Falco. I would attend a healthy eating class and see how your diet stacks up. But I get the feeling that a consumer who is able to do their own reasoned research is not your first target audience.

  5. BevC

    It does not have to look a certain way. Based on my personal experience and seeing the amazing results, it has been a win-win for all people involved. I can appreciate the skepticism. You don’t know what you don’t know and when certain experiences lend itself to relearn the lessons, it creates the aha moments. What may work for one, may not be true for another. With the abundance of choices, we can ALL choose to create our path which serves our best interest AND allow for the BEautifull contrast. True choice.

  6. Amanda

    I see that these reviews also fail to mention that in the regimen (or in any fitness/normal eating habits regimen), you do need to offset the calories burned during working out by eating additional calories. Not eating enough is a definite way for the product not to work in the intended manner, since instead of losing the good abnormal weight your body will starve and eat it’s own muscles (because you are starving yourself by not eating the recommended amount). For someone who is already muscle-heavy and works out, I would recommend eating more protein and possibly more carbs too.

    I’ve used it myself and gotten great results, even with lapses in discipline when it comes to what I eat. I hope everyone out there does maintain a healthy level of skepticism when it comes to their health, and so is willing to (after research) try new things and give honest testimonial for the general public.

  7. Jen

    My daughter somewhere got a hold of this stuff, she is trying to sell it. She does not need to lose weight but I do and I have hypothyrodism and Fibromyalgia so there are things that work and some that don’t I am also very allergic to grapefruit and to fish. Some of the things they want you to eat. No can do. They say watermelon is too sweet and so are banana’s. Well at 64 I need bananas because it helps me not to get cramps in my legs. I tried this slenderix stuff and the other drops. I did NOT lose one ounce and I did exercise as well. NOT ONE single pound. I need to lose 184 lbs and stuck at 310 for over two years. I do eat healthy, I eat salads, skinless boneless chicken, fruits and veggies, I use olive oil and coconut oil and do not drink soda or eat junk foods or rarely. I maybe eat out once in three months. So this wonder stuff did nothing for me. They said no dieting needed, no special foods. So I tried it. My daughter got it at the discount price of $79 OUCH too steep even that price for our low income budget. Did not work or help. Yet a friend swears by it and lost 196 lbs but then she has a good paying job and help and support and lives near gyms and does not have arthritis of both hips and a bad knee and or thyroid problems and can afford this. So it is for once again the wealthier sector middle class and up. while those of us under $20,000 just do what we can.

    • Andre

      We tried Slenderiix for our daughter. She lost some kg weight, but without slenderiix with the same diet she lost the same amount.
      It was really wasted money. So never Slenderiix for us again. Before we buyed the Slenderiix we couldn’t find negative reviews on the Internet.
      Thats’s why we bought the Slenderiix. Our daughter has a diet of about 1100 kCal per day and lost about 1,2 kg per week; independent of she used Slenderiix or not. I am sorry, but it’s the truth (I still have the invoices) and we are very disappointed. Arriix can I get my money back?

    • Anonymous

      There are many people in wheelchairs that are even paralyzed that have liost over 130 pounds each in less than a year and have kept it off! No excuses! This stuff flat works but a person can’t “rarely” eat bad stuff while saying they tried so hard. The stuff is not “snake oil” … Any weight loss plan takes discipline and slenderiiz gives a person that if they take all the products combined. Maybe you were not taking the right vitamins or their Restoriix too. That helps with fibromyalgia and toxins. No company has products like theirs so we can’t find it else where. I suggest you maybe ask to try again and get full pack and do 30 days. If nothing, then get your money back! They will do that. Bless you! Weight loss is a personal deal and not everything works for everyone but I tried everything and my friends did too and yet slenderiiz helped us all tremendously! So healthy too.

    • Jeff

      Jen, Have you found a program that works?

    • Anonymous

      Jen, this product is available for folks who are are wiling and able to invest. By staying on the Paleo diet, supplementing with multi-vitamins, bringing heart rate up each day for a few minutes (use a small trampoline (walmart sells one for $30.00) and you avoid damaging knees), breathing deeply throughout the day and watching positive programs while avoiding negative thought, you will have a victory. Do not buy into the idea or invest in the thought that you are somehow disadvantaged because of your income. It’s a false belief and we are worth good health, body mind and soul!

    • Rona Alexander

      I would like to help you reach your proper weight.

      • Vesta

        In what way can you help and is it reasonable

        • Rona

          I am a weight loss coach. I have had success with this program personally and so have 1000’s of others I have coached. There is an approved food list to follow. The supplements that come with the Clinical Pack provide the extra nutrients your body needs to boost your immune system so your body can heal and balance. I have never counted calories and neither have the people I coach and we all have similar or beyter results than the clinical trial. The was a clinical trial. The average person released 12-16 pounds in 28 days Your results may vary.

          I ask each person I get started, “How committed are you to bettering your health and ridding this fat off of your body once and for all?” It is all about a combination of a Healthy lifestyle, Healthy Mindset, Healthy Supplements, Detoxing your home from chemicals and pollutants and Eating only Healthy Nourishing Foods.

          Contact me on Facebook if your seriously want my help! I do not charge for my coaching services. It is my way to give back to the human race.

  8. Fizzikal_realist

    It’s amazing that those of you who have used this product lose a lot of weight, but because you are taking in so little Calories, your body will eventually burn out. Sure, your body loses fat, but at what cost?

    Slenderix Protocol: http://ariix.com/pdf/Slenderiix.pdf

    Above is the protocol for the Slenderiix diet. It recommends a 1250 Calorie diet. Hold on there, it doesn’t take into account height, lean body mass and other factors? Where the hell does this magic number come from? On this protocol, there is no discrimination. A 6’5″ male must eat the same amount of a 5′ female. At 5’10”, my basal metabolic rate is 2700 Calories. This diet wants me to cut more than half of my resting Calories?!!! Eff no! That’s a red flag! Magic numbers simply don’t fly.There is no science behind the 1250 number.

    In the image linked below, a person loses almost 30 lbs in 30 days.
    Slenderiix result: https://scontent-b-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/s720x720/579904_3830842006865_944071680_n.jpg

    Freakishly abnormal? Yes. She must be happy with her weight loss, but I don’t think she realizes that her weight loss is disproportional. I notice this trend with a lot of the result photos I see. Weight drops from the belly; the shoulders and upper pectoral area remain unchanged. I would almost describe the physical appearance as someone with gorilla arms. Moreover, I don’t think she actually did a before and after body composition analysis. She actually shows BF% before and after, so let’s see what was actually lost (See analysis at the very bottom).

    This person lost a total of 24.6 lbs. On the surface, that’s great! But 33.4% of that loss comes from muscle. The rest is fat. I would consider losing 30.76% of original fat a great accomplishment. However, to consider an 8.3% LBM loss successful, you are bound to fail in the long term (Note: since LBM should be higher, the percentage loss from original LBM is less. However, the percentage loss from total loss is 1/3. Striking!). For those of you who are taking this or are planning on taking this, buy a body composition scale. The actual result will be a lot clearer and hopefully you would see how must BS this product is.

    So what happens once you are off this product? You lose your heightened taste bud sensitivity, you start eating saltier and fattier food, and you “rebound”. So what do you do then? The obvious answer is that you would then rely on this product yet again. You train your body and mind to be dependent on a product that actually does you more harm than good. If you see no harm in this, let me fill you in on a little secret that the Ariix team may have not told you. Muscle gain is a lot more difficult than fat loss! Train your body and mind. Don’t train your hands to pull out of your pocket for this BS.

    Quit relying on these overly expensive products with BS marketing lingo and put in some work! Eat healthy, go to the gym. Spend money on a trainer that will actually get you on track to a truly healthy lifestyle. Your body will thank you if you do. If you don’t, good luck keeping that weight off without the product…


    Weight: 151.8 lbs
    BF%: 35.1%
    Weight of Fat: 53.28 lbs
    Lean Body Mass: 98.52 lbs

    Weight: 127.2 lbs
    BF%: 29.0%
    Weight of Fat: 36.89 lbs
    Lean Body Mass: 90.31 lbs


    Fat Loss = 16.39 lbs. (30.76%)
    Muscle loss = 8.21 lbs. (8.3%)
    Total Weight Loss = 24.6 lbs.

    %BF loss from TWL = 66.6%
    %LBM loss from TWL = 33.4%?

    • Ray

      I’m a little confused why there is negativity to this product without much evidence. There are no injections, no harmful ingredients, yet there is still negativity posted. If you look into the Slenderiix program, they teach you how to eat a low glycemic diet, which in turn will be maintainable down the line once you stop the drops. They teach you to take nutritional supplements and to detoxify your body. All good things. Let’s day the drops were just a myth and actually didn’t do anything, but they helped people get a healthy kick-start into a healthy life-style. Is that really so bad? I think it’s way more expensive to yourself to not loose weight than the $70 you spend on Slenderiix. The program and the motivation alone is worth it. Stop the negativity and let people try things out for themselves. If we were to listen to everyone that quit something, or had something not work for them, none of the people that actually succeed would be where they are now. Do what you think is right, If it’s not dangerous to your health, try it out and you be the judge. GOOD LUCK!!!

    • If you go off the standard 2000 calorie diet the FDA suggests for the average person then we all might eat too much or too little. They don’t say everyone regardless of needs eat 1200 calories” they say if average person needs to eat 2000 calories per day then you eat 1200″. If you know you need to eat more than the average base your lower calories on your needs accordingly while using slenderiiz. Common sense. Also, there are many many athletes that I know who use slebdetiiz for definition and to reduce all over body fat. This stuff is banned substance approved and winning over people like myself and other muscle heads. I have zero complaints! Adjust accordingly and look at people in person cuz photos do not tell the whole story! We look amazing and we lost our weight proportionately. Silly to think otherwise.

  9. I was just thinking to write an article about this. Thanks for the inspirational post.

  10. nonkungza2

    Blank thought he would get rid of those kilos you might want to make a your goals that happens to be available. Area several your goals assists you to completing helpful tips from the occasion you make a mistake whenever. Possess slighter courses Instead than taking food a couple of complex courses daily want to eat food on a regular basis later in the day.

  11. mimi

    Lol…you are probably a marketing snob trying to talk down another company. So how about you give me a call and look at living proof that slenderixx DOES WORK, instead of talking down to make yourself feel better. How is that working out for you?

  12. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? Slenderiix DOES work. I’ve used it, and both of my parents have too. If its not working for you: you simply didn’t follow the meal options, didn’t sleep enough, didn’t drink enough water, or take the drops when you were supposed to. I lost 32lbs in 6 weeks using Slenderiix. You really need to do your research because you are clearly someone that is just obsessed with hating the company. Their scientists and founders have high credibility. The science makes sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny to begin with. If you have some unhealthy fat (hear me, UNHEALTHY FAT, NOT GOOD FAT), Slenderiix will help you lose it. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years with diet and exercise and I just don’t get the results I want.
    You know why the reviews you see are positive? Because people get results. If they didn’t, thats on their end as I mentioned above.
    If your purpose is to bash rather than give real evidence, you’re really not doing anything good for yourself or anyone else. People like you really upset me. Get a life.

    • #whatwhatinyourbutt

      Read fizzikal_realist’s post. Looks like he was able to find a photo of someone on the slenderiix program who lost 30 lbs in 30 days. He broke down actual fat vs. muscle loss. If any of you think that 30% muscle loss from the total weight loss is healthy, I feel bad for you and your starving body. Youblosr muscle when your body starves and tries to retain far. Obviously triggers in the brain kick into survival mode on this program. Based on the evidence shown, this program seems to induce too much stress on the body. It’ll catch up to you in the long run. Instead of slenderiix, do yourself a favor and just ear right and exercise. Weight loss doesn’t happen instantly, you need to work hard and smart for it. If it came easy, everybody would be skinny.

      • Yes, unless you take restoriix. That product type can only be found at Ariix. Our fat is for energy and to keep toxins away from our internal organs. When you lose weight toxins are released and if not dealt with your body will make more fat down the road (hence gaining back more than you lost) but with the slenderiiz program you get that restoriix product and it removes the released toxins which I feel addresses rebound weight gain like no other product and combine that with the natural slenderiiz you would be surprised at how many people lose the wight,feel great and keep it off. I do and 2 of my friends who joined me on the mission to find a healthy alternative to trying to diet and exercise alone. If that was all we
        Need then everyone would be skinny but that’s not the case! That’s why I will stay on restoriix forever. Best wishes, losing my weight fast was best thing for my health,

      • The person who has this site keeps deleting any posts that counter any thing that is negative about slenderiiz, if this shows the person is just trying to look valid but has deleted my 3 attempts to give honest feedback as to why slenderiiz has been such a great thing for the weightloss industry, if anyone is scamming people it is the owner of this site. Biased and unwilling to look or allow truth about this product which is sad.

  13. ANON

    sounds like someone is just bitter and is probably fat and cant stand the fact that other people are making the change to look sexy

  14. Barbara

    I have been on this product for 2 months and have went from a size 12 to a size 8.I feel really good about myself and I have lost more inches than weight but I am going to continue on the drops for at least one more month then just take the omega q and rejuveniix. I honestly don’t eat as the meal plan says to sometimes I cheat but still not craving bread or sugars any more. My mother and sister have been on it for 2 months as well and are staying strictly on the diet and drops alone with the supplements and have both lost the weight and inches. So for all of you that have all these negatives comments to post all I will say is that every diet is not for everyone and what works for one may not work for others. May be expensive but so it weight watchers, jenny craig and all the other stuff over the counter so why not invest in a more expensive one that will work. I am happy to be on slenderixx and would recommend others to use it if you are serious about losing weight. And for the record I am not a distributer I just order from someone else and will continue to until I reach my goal of 150 which is only 16 more pounds.

  15. RA

    I’m the last person to fall for this kind of instant weight loss scam. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try at the recommendation of a friend. Well, six weeks later I’m down 32 pounds and have gone from a 44 waistline to a 38. I’ve also changed my attitude toward eating vegetables and other healthy foods. I won’t need to stay on the products much longer because i know how to eat properly now. But this would never have happened without their program’s guidance. Smartest decision I ever made. Sorry to disappoint you — the Ariix program works.

  16. Anonymous

    Summing up,
    Slenderiix program WORKS in that:
    It provides instructions on diet menus (how to eat and what to eat…etc).
    Therefore, the miracle drops do nothing besides maybe psychological effects.

    So why don’t people who are trying to lose weight just follow the diet instructions…? Besides they are much better information online for FREE on how to eat clean and healthy for weight loss. (As mentioned before, a diet that suggests 1250 calories for all sizes….is stupid and not one I would follow)

    Also, for the people who said that the OP did not provide any proof on how the product does not work, please kindly provide any study published in peer-reviewed scientific research journal on any of the active ingredients in program. Or provide the clinical data collected from your so-called clinical studies (how many people participated, what was the study design….etc.). You cannot ask someone to provide information on how the magic drops do not work unless you first provide information on why the company formulated the product that way.

    I’ve listed a few websites that offer wonderful clean eating recipes and simple workout routines below for those of who are looking at Slenderiix reviews because they are troubled by their weight. These two are my personal favorites but there are many other places offering similar and much more on how to healthily manage your weight; and as many people mentioned that Slenderiix helped them in changing their life style, I think similar can be done by using your own will and commitment without the magical drops (and $$$).

  17. Den

    What difference does it make? If belief in -magic water a few dollars, peer support, healthier diet (1200 calories of good nutrition is much healthier for anyone than the 2200 to 3300 calories of mostly junk, processed, fast, sugar laden, chemically altered and enhanced food americans eat now) can help a fat person to lose the fat when trying it without the magic water and peer support didn’t work where is the harm or moral disservice? People need a crutch to acheive many things especially weight loss. I;ve been skinney and I’ve been fat. When I was skinney I had disrespect for people who were fat and wouldn’t lose the weight. Just diet and exercise. Then life came along and i got fat and realized how hard it is to lose weight. Any crutch including magic water that works for you you should embrace.

    Perhaps the reason your not finding very many negative postings on line is because it’s not magic “water” but rather a combination of ingredients that actually do reduce hunger and control appetite…and actually does work.
    And no I am not a distributor nor do I take the product…yet. My crutch is a Magic Bullet ‘As seen on TV”

  18. I would like to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, great post!
    :-) I got link to it while searching on on google.

  19. I started on Slenderiix June 28th 2013 at 553 pounds. Today September 21st 2014, I weight 360 pounds. I have lost 193 pounds in 14 1/2 months. I have read all these comments, pro & con. All I can tell you is that it works for me. I am James Sherwood in Lexington, NC. You can feel free to go check my facebook page it is open to the public where there are a series of progression photos taken along the way. I lost the first 100 pounds while setting in my wheelchair and that only took 6 months. This program not only works for me but for several close friends who started after me in my area have lost a lot of weight also. Sid Loflin age 64 has lost 145 pound from September 2013 to September 2014, thats 1 year. Amanda Cashett has lost 135 pounds sense she started April 1st 2014 til now and thats in only 5 1/2 months. So I know these people, I know these products. I know it works. GOD Bless you all and good luck with your weight loss journey.

  20. Anonymous

    I respect your skepticism, and the research you’ve done, but plainly you’ve haven’t done enough. While Slendrixx is not approved as a stand-alone product by the FDA, Ariix, which makes it IS certified by the FDA, and by the equivalent of every country it markets their products in in terms, of manufacturing process & facilities, and distribution. Also the fact that when you read the ingredients list and find that it’s not ramped up caffeine, but rather homeopathic ingredients that are prescribed by homeopathic DOCTORS to help speed up metabolic rate (and also helps anxiety, and depression) that should be a good indicator that one is purchasing a legitimate health oriented weight loss product. In fact, all of Ariix’s nutritional products are also certified by the OTC (Over-the-Counter), Consumer Lab, The US Pharmacopoeia Convention, the National Sanitation Foundation, and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). More over there are ZERO GMOs in any of Ariix’s Products. Their nutritional supplements are even on the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) which means, depending on your ailment, and your doctor, Ariix products are to a certain degree covered under med insurance. Ariix’s water bottle/filter is used by the US Navy Seals, which can filter out pollution, parasites, and bacteria up to 99.994%
    As one respondent mentioned quite correctly, not everyone is the same, esp in terms of height and weight, and Ariix should actually make allowances for that when marketing Slenderiix. Also, not everyone is the same in terms of how effectively it works, in terms of actual weight loss, not because it’s over priced snake oil, but because of how it works in a person’s body. If you bother to do the research, Slenderiix, was actually first developed as an aid to help against diabetes, as it lowers or helps to regulate over-production of insulin. Yes, there are people, where there is not huge difference in weight loss, but what they don’t see is the balance of body chemistry that Slenderiix helps to restore. Could it also be that these people who aren’t losing weight, are also using other dieting foods/products, which when you read the ingredients, contain soya and sugar (corn syrup/starch, glucose, fructose … etc), which are both counter productive to weight loss?
    No I am not an Ariix employee, and no I do not entertain dreams of being a vitamin millionaire, nor do I want to force anyone to do multilevel marketing direct sales. Except for a bit of bicycle riding my wife and I do not “work out” and yet in 3 months I’ve lost 25lbs, and she has lost 21lbs – we certainly eat more than 1300 calories per day – we refuse to starve ourselves – when we’re hungry we eat healthy unprocessed food. Instead of relying on Wikipedia and Youtube, why not Phone any or all of the aforementioned organizations, or read a few books at the Library (or Amazon if you prefer) – I recommend Dr Ray Strand’s Bionutrician or Death by Prescription. And HEY, here’s a nutty idea, put together a list of questions about the product and call Ariix – get their answers, and test them against medical journals and current research in cellular nutrition. I did.

  21. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into
    starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

  22. Cat

    Have you’ve tried the products?

  23. Working for me. I was already eating as the program outlined but had hit a plateau. Also found the education arm beneficial to myself and a few friends Appreciate knowing how to do it and enjoy grand health all my life. There is a definite difference in my overall health and system immunity since adding the vitamins and mineral supplements to my daily life You don’t have to market it to benefit from it but getting paid for referring people to the best thing that has happened to you in years …..hmmmmm….. it’s a good thing!

  24. Pingback: 6 Ways weight loss Can Make You InvincibleWeight Loss Training | Weight Loss Training

  25. Anonymous

    The diet & exercise instructions would be easy for me. I prefer the food list I hate fast food. I can exercise accordingly however I like to drink. Alcohol. I can do the calorie thing. Wow. I’ll let you all know I just want to lose 10-15 pounds I’m 52. Belly flab.

  26. CJ

    I tried this product a couple years back – and it does work. I didn’t feel jittery or hungry – and it did help to curb my appetite. I’ve never been one to follow diets – but theirs made sense – it’s simple Paleo – which is fairly easy to do. I lost about 12 pounds in a couple months time – I am a small frame so I was happy with this. I fell off the products over the holidays and into new year when I lost my focus somewhat and stopped taking them 10 minutes before meals and staying off carbs etc…. I just didn’t start them again after Xmas – but this page has reminded me that actually the drops worked well and I didn’t feel deprived, still ate basically what I wanted ( though I seem to recall the drops helped with cravings, appetite etc – so I wasn’t drawn to eating the bad stuff anyhow!) and had overall good energy and mood. I think I’ll get back on them and give them a go! lol – thanks for helping me with my decision! :)

  27. Scott

    “VIOLA” and hey presto, you have a new miniature violin!

    Lol, aren’t typo’s awesome!

  28. that’s what I have for my Husband. “Through thick or thin”. I deeply love him no matter how he gets big or old. But I always remind him that being big is not healthy. I encourage to be conscious of his health and we do exercises routines. He also takes a supplement that can assist him.

  29. Georgena blything

    Glad I found this info thank you

  30. ES.

    This blog post is actually quite funny. You see them all over. No facts and all made up with no actuall research or fact checking behind it. Here is someone deliberately doing a bad review on a product without actually trying the product in hand and without actually known one bit about it. The person behind it is also ignorant like so many who don’t even bother to learn what network marketing actually is, totally ignorant as so many who label it as scam without any actual knowledge or understanding on what he/she is talking about. Very poorly done review, actually not a review at all because the one writing it didn’t even have the product or tryed it at all. I always get silly chills while I read blogs like these ;)

  31. Eric

    I am not part of this company, I was just looking for an objective review. Although there are some great points, its sprinkled into your hate of MLM. It’s the consumers choice to join or not. There are some great MLM products and the product is what should be getting reviewed here, not wether or not you agree with MLM. I read between the lines, but others might immediately dismiss your review based on your agenda.

  32. RONA Alexander

    Slenderiiz underwent a double blind placebo study. This means some where given a placebo and some were given Slenderiiz. There were 4 groups. Some followed the approved food list and took Slenderiiz and the recomended supplements. They lost 3 times the weight of those who just followed the approved list and placebo. This group also reported it was difficult.

    I have released 107 pounds and 103 inches following the program. I released that fat in 2013! This is not a gimmick and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

  33. susan carthy

    I tried the drops and actually they do work.and yes I ate less and ate healthy. Ut also ate well.did not in any way starve myself They stopped my cravings subsequently got my taste buds back and I.lost a stone and a half relativy quickly ,felt more energetic Yes I could diet re gardless but I didnt as I resorted to reacting to cravings and always gave up The drops acted to stop the cravings So inmy.opinion.they do work.where my self discipline didnt, I also saved as much as I spent on the product not buying junk.and eating trash Make these reviews balanced not biased and actually ask.people how they got on

  34. Anonymous

    Well said. Thank you for your honesty.

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