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BAD Coffee Changed My Life — Kinda Not Really

Now that I work a 9-5 job I find myself shlepping to work in the morning like a harpooned whale coming to shore, desperate for some kind of energy. Luckily, where I work we always brew a cup of drip coffee plus we hide a Keurig in the pantry for the office workers only. For the past few weeks I’ve been fine with the drip coffee as it satisfied my rudimentary needs.  But my discovery of the Keurig was like finding a new drug dealer with even better shit. One day we ran out of Keurig K-cups so my manager bought more: Don Francisco and some caramel crap from Starbucks. Being that I know NOTHING about coffee I was like, Starbucks?! SWEET!

And then I tasted it…


Was it just me or did this coffee taste like rancid asshole? Like seriously, I felt like I was drinking paint thinner with cream. It was painful to drink and I started to wonder, damn, should I just drink the crap we serve in the pot because I was MUCH more satisfied with that! My curiosity shot out of the sky like a set of fireworks over the simple fact that coffee could taste that different. After only a few days of research and several Youtube videos later, I settled on a lovely new piece of coffee machinery:

The Chemex.

2 parts artistic masterpiece and 2 parts chemistry equipment the Chemex is a simple device that brews a lovely cup of coffee while gracing your kitchen with timeless beauty. With an easy-to-clean design and ultra thick paper filters you allow your coffee to retain essential oils while keeping out the bitterness. After brewing my first batch this evening I can honestly say that it tastes just like a cloud would taste: light, smooth and absolutely free of any bitter taste. I wish it were morning already because I’m totally excited to make another cup or two.

Now the question is: with this better brew, how the hell can I go back to drinking the stuff at work?


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