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Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco, CA (Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 360)


I can photograph a person outside with relative ease but inside? Inside “street shooting” makes me nervous. I flinch. I double-think. I don’t shoot at all. Sometimes I think I’m being polite but really, I’m just missing the shot.

Here, I did not miss the shot. After a day of work interning at The Veteran’s Equity Center, my group members and I stopped by Blue Bottle in the South of Market district. They waited for their coffee and I waited for this lady to lower her gaze. She was reading quite intensely. From the giant “FRENCH” typed on the cover I assumed it was a tour guide or a language book.

I just love the diagonal tilt of the lighting. Feels very Edward Hopper-esque, only closer. The line across her face isn’t her hair – it’s mine. It was stuck inside the bellows, just behind the lens, and appeared in every subsequent frame. Does that count as a photobomb?

blue bottle

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It Was A Dark And Snowy Night In Texas – Plano, Texas (Fuji X100)


It is? In… Texas?

The first and last time I experienced snow was in 2000 at Angel’s Camp, CA. I was ten years old and the snow on the ground felt ten months old. It was hardened, like blocks of ice, but hey! I’m a Bay Area kid so I could care less! Snow angels, snowball fights, and snowmen, here I come!… Unfortunately, the snow was so stiff the snowball my oldest brother threw cracked the skin on my brother’s temple. He was pissed.

But this? This was wonderful. I never experienced falling snow so it was such a treat. I walked out with Livi’s mom, her brother, their dog Mila, and my dog Oso.

olin snow

Handheld @ ISO 4,000


This shot blew my mind. I could actually see the snowflake shape on the tree stump. I had never seen it before. Maybe in art class cut out of binder paper, but not like this.


As I felt the gentle bodies of ice sleep softly on my cheek,  I was reminded of all the beauty and mystery of life.

hand in snow  .

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The Good (She)pherd – Oakland Zoo, CA (Canon 5D MkII)


This is one of my all-time favorite shots. Prior to this, I hadn’t even touched my cameras in months. Livi, my family, and I went to the Oakland Zoo as a learning experience for my nephew, Ariston. During the trip my brother-in-law, Mark, brought his newly gifted Canon 5d Mark II and was snapping away at giraffes, lions, and howler monkeys. Then, we walked in to the petting zoo barn and I saw this tiny, fleeting moment. A true H.C.B moment.

With the quickness, I borrowed the 5d Mark II in my hand, pretended I was interested in photographing the goat, and snapped this ONE photo. I felt like Clint Eastwood only less beard-y, more Asian, and less likely to talk to a chair. It felt good getting this shot. It was reassurance that YEAAA BABY! I STILL GOT IT! DADDY STILL GOT THEM MOVES!

I just love the ray of light beaming down on the little girl and the goat. Looks like it jumped off the page of “The Bible: For KIDZ” magazine – which I totally just invented just now.

Baby Jesus

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WERKIN’ At The Car Wash (Yea!) – Sunnyvale, CA (Fuji X10)

One boring night in 2012 I stood up in bed, scratched my head and said, dammnit, I miss street shooting. So I went out and alleviated my artistic thirst. I drove around Sunnyvale at 12am and happened upon this brightly colored DIY car wash.one_12 one_11 one_10 one_9 one_8 one_7 one_6 one_3


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At The Recycled Bookstore: Campbell, CA (Fuji X100)

livi boks photobooks cat books

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Going Somewhere? – Downtown San Jose, CA (Fuji X100)

B.I.G bar  bride faceekidz

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Between Classes: San Francisco State University, CA (Fuji X10)

illuminated red phone sleeping on campus1

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Life In Death: Santa Clara Cemetery And Mortuary (Fuji X10)

A trip to the cemetery can be an eyeball full of beauty and wonder. Heaps of gorgeous statues and decaying flowers but mainly the question of: when will my time come?


This was such a beautifully timed photo. I came to this cemetery on a whim and found a perfect ray of sun on the altar.


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Wanted Poster: Union Square, San Francisco (Olympus XA)

Wanted: For violent sexual molestation (including infant and child sexual molestation) and violent sex terrorism.”

Shot with my Olympus XA, Tri-X 400 and developed at home with Rodinal.


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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting… IKEA, Palo Alto, CA (Fuji X10)

She was waiting for her friend at the IKEA cafeteria in Palo Alto, CA.


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